Tears of the disabled woman in Circus Circus

Gail Morrison, a 70-year-old woman, suffering from post-polio syndrome has to use a scooter to travel. She cannot help being upset every time she remembers the event that took place just after the New Year’s Day. She says she was going to have dinner with her family at the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino.

In accordance with Morrison’s claims, having arrived she had problems with parking her scooter.  Gail was asked by the hostess to park the scooter at the door not to block the way. Naturally she was not strong enough to walk further. Morrison did moved the scooter over but the hostess was not still pleased. It goes without saying Gail Morrison was unhappy to experience those disgusting feelings of being in the way. Having left the restaurant in tears the woman was persuaded by the members of her family to dine inside the Steakhouse. Having entered the room she was offered a seat at the back of the restaurant.

Circus Circus, and the disability rights group, Nevadans for Equal Access received Morrison’s filed complaints online. The group, in its turn wrote a letter addressed to Circus Circus management claiming that they have failed to carry out the Americans with Disabilities Act as they were disable to seat Morrison. The Circus Circus Hotel and Casino management replied that the Steakhouse did the best to carry out the ADA, and it was completely employee’s failure who was unaware of the accommodation requirements suggested by the ADA. The hotel and casino assured of the absence of similar incidents in future.

The president of NEA, Paul Martin, stated that such incidents should not happen. He, having worked many years at the problem of making Sin City resorts accessible to the disabled, can remember numerous cases when the disabled could not be accommodated, in spite of the fact that the landmark ADA law was passed sixteen years ago.

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