Swedish Poker Team Celebrates Their Success

The PartyPoker.com Poker Nations Cup that took place in Cardiff witnessed a huge success of the Swedish team captained by Sehlstedt. Other members of the team were Anders Henriksson and Mats Rahm, as well as Johan Storakers, William Thorsson and online qualifier Hans Isoz. All together they won $100,000 in this unique televised tournament.

The battle appeared to be really hard from the psychological point of view. Nothing promised success for Sweden, as they had only 12,000 chips compared to 88,000 for the USA. So, the game seemed to be over, but Henriksson doubled up once and won. But that was not the only dramatic point during the tournament. The team from Great Britain who were considered to be one of those to go into the final, failed. The US team had been mauled from the Europeans all week until Williamson III won the night before the final, thus giving them a very small chance.

The succession of those who left the tournament was the following: Germany was the first to live. Then they were followed by Denmark and Holland. Great Britain was the next to leave.

There was one PartyPoker.com qualifier alongside five poker pros in each team from the same participating nation. The exception was the US team where Tilly was instead of an online qualifier. Each player played once to score points for their team. The points were taken into a “tag” final. There, each team’s captain was able to make substitutions and “time outs”.

The series was over on the 15th of May. The show was produced for Channel 4 in the UK by Presentable. Next week poker fans will be able to see the start of PartyPoker.com Premier League Poker, produced by Matchroom Sport. It will start on the 22nd of May at 11:50 pm, Channel 4.

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