Sponsorship Program as a Way of Giving Back to Charities

The charity league sponsorship program has been recently announced by Flop2River.com. The idea of the program sprang from a customer in Chicago area who was creating a business focused on creating poker tournaments for charities on their local area.

“The premise behind the program is to help new charity leagues procure the correct equipment up front for the charity event”. To give back to charities, larger leagues can qualify for the “Final Table” sponsorship – the final and most interesting part of the program.

With the help of the program, new organizations can make sure that their equipment is properly marked and reliable; everything is properly assembled and shipped.

“We’ve spent a lot of time searching for quality manufacturers who can produce quality poker tables at a price that works for large event planners. It also feels great to be able to give something back to charities as well in the form of final table sponsorship. It’s my favorite part of our business”, said Geoffrey F. Moore, managing partner of Flop2River.com.

By the way, pictures of the poker tables used for the final table sponsorship can be found at Flop2River.com.

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