Results of the 2007 Winter Poker Open at Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa

The feelings absorbing people during the 2007 Winter Poker Open at Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, in the Event Centre, were more than excited. There were 40 players left after $500 buy-in event, Event 1.

In the end there were only three of them left: Tae Baik of Leonia, NJ; David Zhu of Scarbourough, Canada; Emad Alabsi of Wickliffe, Ohio. They have won the first, the second and the third places respectively.

The first place prize money amounted to $152,960. The second place finisher has taken home $95,900, and the third – $58,225. Besides, all the main event winners got Tag Heuer purchased from Bernie Robbins Fine Jewelry.

Baik comments: “I have played tournaments in Borgata’s new poker room before, but this is my first victory in a tournament of this magnitude”.

Alabsi says: “I always have fun when I’m playing poker here; Borgata offers a great atmosphere to play in”.

Vinny Procopio has also taken part in the event. He was the seventh to finish and very pleased with his result. His prize money made up $30,825.

This event is over, but still there are 28 opportunities, i.e. 28 Super Satellites and Second Chance Tournaments, left. There you can turn just $120 into thousands.

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