Rehab Online Bingo Has Surpassed €2 Million Payout Mark

Being successfully launched in 2005, Rehab Bingo, a division of Rehab Lotteries Ltd (located in Dublin), a wholly subsidiary of the Rehab Group, Ireland’s largest non-profit organization that provides services to disabled and socially marginalized people, is steadily continuing its growth. It is believed that Rehab group has entered the multimillion gambling industry in order to raise money for the development of new vitally important services. The thing is that bingo has always been a popular and effective means of raising money in Ireland. Naturally, the Rehab Group expects its site to be a success. This success will help them to improve their services across Ireland., being Ireland’s first online bingo site, has proved to be rather popular with many people across Ireland. It is also said to be rather an enjoyable and engaging form of entertainment, to say nothing that in May 20, 2006, its payout has surpassed the two million euro mark.

Rehab Lotteries managing director, Dr. John McGuire claims that “around three quarters of regular Internet bingo players…are women despite the fact that up to now they had very little involvement in an online gaming market which is now worth €2 billion a year in Ireland alone”. By the way, as the studies have shown, the main motivation for playing bingo is entertainment, and this is the thing to be mentioned and noticed.

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