Real Money vs Play Money Poker Strategy

The majority of poker professionals agree that play money poker is only suitable for newbies learning the basics of the game, players, who wish to learn a new poker game and practice their skills and those, who always plays for fun. However, if you are planning to learn real money poker strategy this way, you make a mistake. Play money and real money poker strategies have significant differences, thus neither the atmosphere, nor strategy of play money poker are not applicable in real money games and that’s why:

First of all, play money players are extremely loose! Why not? They have nothing to win, but nothing to lose, they can freely make insane bets and stupid calls, they can rise with the worst hand ever and do things, never done in real money games. Once they run out of chips, they simply get more and waste them in the same way. It’s like video game racing – you aren’t afraid of crashing your car, because your virtual car is free and you can’t injure yourself. Play money poker does the same – you don’t feel compelled to risk and you never learn to avoid it.

If you agree with the above, then you must consider play money tables just in the following cases:

Learn the basic fundamentals of poker, strategy and combinations of hands. Play money poker is very useful for the beginners, who just start playing poker and need to get accustomed to the environment of online poker rooms and feel the game.

If you, say, know to play Texas Holdem, but wish to study some other poker game and need to learn and practice it’s basic rules and specialties. For instance, Texas Holdem, Omaha Holdem and Seven Card Stud have certain differences in winning combinations of hands. Play money poker is very useful in this case.

Learn to evaluate other players at the table. Play money poker can be useful for basic evaluation of your future opponents at real money tables. However, you must always remember that you just learn to evaluate them, because real money players won’t play in the same way.

Play with your friends or kids for fun.

Winning at play money tables is extremely easy – that’s why play money poker is such a great teaser for newbies. They easily win plenty of play money, then rush to real money tables and lose, because they have no idea that there is a great difference between play money and real money poker and this is what I’m trying to warn you about. It is very important that you understand the following instructions. Learn the basics and start playing real money poker. No, you don’t have to waste a lot of money from the very beginning of your career. Play tightly and learn thoroughly – this is a successful conception for newbie that really works. Many poker rooms offer low limit games, where you can learn to play real money poker spending just few bucks a day. Visit Real Money Poker Guide to read more about these poker rooms and get a lot of useful information, bonus codes and helpful manuals for the beginners.

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