Protect Gamblers or Protect State Revenues?

Greece is still refusing to comply with the European Commission’s request to readjust policies and regulations and end the existing online gambling state monopoly. The Greek government explains it as a necessary measure to protect Greek citizens from addiction. In reality, it is all about the money. By blocking foreign online casinos and land betting companies, Greece keeps state control over the gambling money in the country.

It is obvious that the state monopoly is not less dangerous than the foreign gambling companies, but state monopoly works for the state budget only, while foreign online casinos site benefit the whole of the EU Economy.

Of course, there are some countries where the state monopoly can be justified, but how to define the country’s genuine interest?

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Paul Greefin – was born in 1975 in waterford, Ireland. Being a very creative person, Paul decided to enter the prestigious University of London study art there. In 2001 he graduated and started his career as a writer of articles about modern art for layman. One of his colleagues made him interested in gambling and now Paul is a good poker player dreaming of entering a professional league.