PokerBodyguard Helps You Protect Yourself from Poker Cheats

PokerBodyguard that is available for downloading at is a freeware product of Advanced Interactive Marketing, Inc. (AIM). It works with most online poker rooms, and players using it are provided with information concerning history of fellow players, i.e. how often they play together, how many times they have been winners, if they have ever been reported rude, etc. Besides, the program discussed also blocks poker Trojans and poker viruses from getting into your computer.

PokerBodyguard also makes it possible for users to watch instant replays of all online games, with a feature to fast-forward and rewind as with DVDs. With a built-in file-share system the program gives an opportunity to take notes on other gamers and share poker games with their friends.

Other free programs such as CustomXML, a powerful XML and RSS aggregator, MySearchBot, a tool to tap multiple search engines and share search results, and SystemBodyguard, which protects personal computers from online threats, are downloadable from the PokerBodyguard too.

Founder of AIM Larry Brunken says: “With one download, this freeware product gives you online protection and efficiency as never before. Poker players in particular can play their favorite game online with an enhanced sense of freedom and enjoyment”.

Some words about Advanced Interactive Marketing, Inc.

The company was founded in 2005 by Larry Brunken with an aim to produce a group of new free software applications. Brunken experienced in the online marketing business and AIM will release free products for both end users and online marketers.

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