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If you are a gambler and like to play online, you might have probably come across one of the most innovative and trustworthy online casinos – that offers nine unique slot machines, three of them being available on cell phones and PDAs.

What else is unique about is the thing that, on average, its progressive jackpot amounting to over $100,000 is taken every weeks or so. This year faces the eighth major jackpot. This time it is won by a cancer survivor known as JAMKAT2. She won $113,418 by playing progressive on Treasure Box. It means that she took a 45% deposit bonus from the previous month. She started with a $200 deposit. By the afternoon she had lost $290. But she was not about to stop. She lined up three wild symbols and won the jackpot.

Here, she revives her feelings: “Last week, I was home on one of my breaks from chemo. I was actually supposed to be finishing a project for a freelance client of mine, but chemo really takes it out of you. I just really needed a break”. After a lucky spin she could not help staring at the winning screen. She could not believe her eyes. “Everything became somewhat of a blur for me after that…” says the winner. “I feel like this win is a sign of good things to come for me, including improved health!” – she continues.

And it’s amazing that can provide “exciting entertainment for people that can really use a little more fun in their lives”. And hitting jackpot can happen to everyone and anywhere: at work, at home or at any place if cell phone is with you.

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