New WSOP Bracelets

Soon players will be able to wear WSOP gold bracelets in public. In Corum’s opinion (the official designer of this year’s 55 World Series of Poker gold bracelets, the old bracelets look massive, and they want to create something elegant.

The new bracelets look like watches. Each of them is made from solid 18-carat gold, yellow for the regular events (54 total bracelets) and white for the Main Event. The regular-event bracelet weighs 84 grams, as for the bracelet for the Main event, it weighs 136 grams. Each bracelet is decorated with diamonds and precious stones. The bracelets have a link-based design and are fitted with a folding jeweler’s clasp typical of many watches. Each bracelet begins at nine inches. . The Ladies World Championship bracelet is eight inches long. A player with a larger wrist will also be able to wear it, as Corum has created extra links. As for a player with a smaller wrist, a bracelet can also be worn if to remove the links.

There is no exact value of a bracelet, so the prize is considered to be priceless.

There are ninety-one black diamonds in this year’s $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. bracelet. Corum has also distinguished it. The H.O.R.S.E. bracelet is considered to be very important. The great pros competing in this tournament must be paid homage.

Special attention has been paid to the Ladies World Championship bracelet. It features two rubies, four black diamonds and 87 blue sapphires that spell the word poker and line the bracelet’s perimeter.
53 regular bracelets are all the same. They are made from yellow gold and feature 53 diamonds.

The process of creation bracelets started last December. All of the prototypes of bracelets have been destroyed to make sure the bracelets remained one-of-a-kind. Moreover, each bracelet was also stamped with the Corum seal to ensure authenticity. There is one more feature that should be mentioned: there is a spot on the back of the bracelet saved for engraving. A popular request of the players is to pre-engrave the event names into the bracelets.

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