MECN Presents Casual Gaming and Gambling in the Internet Study

The major topics under the study are those related to skill gaming, online bingo and fantasy sports. The study is based on the results of a survey of the unique insights and assessments kindly offered by more than 60 industry experts.

The key results of the study are as following:

1.The experts expect the current market size for casual gaming and gambling (skill gaming and online bingo) to be approximately USD 500 million with 8 million registered players playing for cash

2.By 2010 the casual gaming and gambling market is believed to go up to USD 1 billion

3.The experts estimate that there are more than 63 % of the female casual gamers in this male-dominated gambling and gaming industry

4.Approximately 72% of the experts think that a large variety of games is the feature that is absolutely necessary for a successful casual gaming site

5.91% experts believe that Europe will become the most important region for growth

There are several reasons why the industry has started paying more attention to casual gambling. The times the private online gambling industry is coming through are not the easiest ones, they are somewhat are shocking: the US House of Representatives managed to pass an online gambling prohibition bill and it is likely to be passed by the Senate; validity of private betting licenses in Germany was limited by high courts; the FBI arrested the CEO of Online sports book BetonSports.

Of course, casual gambling and gaming have existed for several years already, but now it is in special focus. Female casual gamers are those who are waiting for attractive offers, and the industry has paid little attention to them so far. It is high time to change the target.

As for legislation, it is becoming tougher everywhere. Both state and private lotteries are forced to look for more alternative products to their traditional gambling offers. For example, in accordance with European court decisions, some state lotteries (such as Dutch De Lotto and German WestLotto) now have to decrease their marketing and expansion efforts for sports betting. Casual gaming could be an attractive alternative revenue source for them. Martin Oelbermann, coauthor of the study says: “Especially the legally less problematic skill gaming sector, including online versions of various card and board games, must become a consideration in many strategic discussions at state lotteries as one of the key future growth option”.

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