Kari Bunting, BetWWTS.com Casino Slots Player, Won $ 200,000 with Only One Spin

Playing in online casinos for about two years and a half, Kari Bunting won for the first time, immediately having become $ 200,000 richer. How did it happen? She played the Desert Treasure Jackpot Slots. She managed in an hour of playing to collect three icons that allowed her to access the bonus feature where the top prize was the $200,000 jackpot.

Actually she plays at three online casinos, but she really likes playing at BetWWTS as they offer a list of various games that are not offered by other sites. All that, according to Kari’s opinion, makes BetWWTS unique.

Here what she has told: “I knew the chance was there for some big money when I got to the bonus.But when all five of the icons matched up, I was just completely shocked. I was amazed when three icons matched, but then when all five had the same female icon, I just could not believe it”.
Kari was not the only person who was excited. The BetWWTS office was excited too. The reason for that is very simple: non-progressive wins like Kari’s are less frequent and very exciting. BetWWTS casino manager Andy Bell admitted that Bunting’s jackpot win is one of the largest that BetWWTS has ever paid out.

If you want to get more information about BetWWTS.com, please go to http://www.betwwts.com.

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