Signs Jordan Morgan, being a provider of never-to-be forgotten poker game experience, signed Jordan Morgan, the person known to be one of the top professional players in spite of his young age. His career appeared to be rather impetuous and fearless. Thanks to his calculating method of play, Morgan managed to get his name in professional poker and reach the top ten worldwide for online play. Besides, among poker professional players all over the world he has one of the largest online followings.

Here is what spokesperson Peter Marcus says: “Jordan is one of the best players of his generation — he bets wisely, and plays very aggressively when the odds are in his favor. Jordan is the perfect addition to the Extreme Team, as he is young, energetic and has a wonderful rapport with the online poker community”.

Unofficially, Jordan’s career began at the age of 18. At that time he was an engineering student at the University of Oklahoma. At the beginning all that resembled some kind of fan. Pretty soon it became clear that Jordan had some talent in playing games of strategy. So, naturally it could not but lead him to the thought that poker was somewhat like fashion and he wanted to spend more and more time on poker. More and more often Jordan left private poker games being a winner. That long lasting dominancy was noticed by his friend who offered Jordan to have an attempt of playing professional poker. During the period of two years, Morgan became well-known in poker community. His winnings went up as high as $ 50,000.

It’s unusual but Jordan Morgan’s career began online. His play can be characterized as focused and cool-headed both online and at a real table. It is proved by the fact that at the 2006 World Series of Poker blew away his rivals having won $ 100,000 in prize winnings. No doubts, it promoted him to the “team” of world class player.

Here is what Jordan says: “I am delighted to be part of one of the most respected online poker rooms in the world, especially since most of my success has come within the online world. With InterPoker, it is apparent that they truly care about providing players with a safe, exciting and, above all, genuine poker experience on the web, and I am extremely pleased to be associated with them”.

As Jordan admits, his wife Casey and his dogs, actually two English Bulldogs Bud and Zuzu, support him and his future plans to achieve the ultimate results in professional poker career, especially now – with the help of Extreme Team and his fellow team member Scott Fishman.

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