Gambling and Morality

Las Vegas is not the place where morality is the topic to be openly discussed. People, moralists to be called, who considered gambling to be a sin, used to be the gambling industry’s enemy 1. Nowadays they have different targets, such as stem cells, gay marriages, etc. Nevertheless, people feeling bad about gambling don’t live in Las Vegas, as here gambling is everywhere: at the cinema, at the grocery store, practically at any place you may go to. Either you or people surrounding you in Las Vegas are the ones involved in risking money playing games: tourists, hobbyists, professionals, etc. There is one more category of gamblers – people with life-destroying problems who often destroy not only their lives, but the lives of their families.

The companies investing millions and millions of dollars to build, market and operate the Strip resorts are afraid of changes as still an impact of gambling moral and legal history is felt there. Resorts involved in that business are often said to be merciless in politics and gaudy in charity because of the hall’s shadowy legacy. They try to be aware of everything that might influence them and that even often means coming down hard on opponents.

Coming back to gambling addicts, it is necessary to say that all casinos have some programs to help them, like “sign up to not be mailed flyers, to get yourself banned from the casino or to be contacted by a support group”. But no plan to get your money back is offered by the casinos.

Not only the society is anxious about addicts, the gambling industry has some fears as well. And they are not only connected with social pressure and lawsuits. One more fear is connected with the bill offered by Bill Kearney, a Philadelphia mortgage broker. The idea is centered upon casino customers to be sent somewhat like a credit card bill or 401K statement that would let you know how much money you lost and won. Casinos consider this idea to be extremely expensive and unjustified. Experts are confused and their opinions are mixed. But still it is true that there is some sound sense in this offer.

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