From Starting out to Skilled, Poker Fans Reveal Their Faces in TV tournaments on Poker Night Live

Being the first TV internet poker program Poker Night Live comes from Casino and Gaming Television Canada (CGTV) and offers a revolutionary mixture of entertainment programming with online gaming, beginners or already experienced players having all the possibilities to take part in TV high stakes games of internet poker with the results being analyzed by top poker pros, and simultaneously improving their game and skills while watching real people playing real poker for real money.

CGTV co-founder and chief creative officer, Terry Debono, admits that their innovative approach to online poker, the creation of Poker Night Live is their pride. He adds that “through an entertaining blend of high stakes online poker, and live commentary by the experts…, Poker Night Live will appeal not only to poker lovers, but also to the gaming enthusiasts and entertainment fans…”

Canadians joining Poker Night Live will get unique experience, as the program has been designed to help its players improve their skills and game. The viewers will be able to see the cards in each player’s hand what will enable them to learn playing while seeing the mistakes of others and in addition having their play criticized by pros.

Rogers Digital Cable channel 288, Bell ExpressVu channel 274, Videotron Illico Digital TV channel 59, and Mountain Cablevision Channel 389 broadcast Poker Night Live every day, seven days a week from 11p.m. to 1a.m. EST (with daily encore presentations at noon EST).
Tina Teggart, “Johnny T” Tokatlidis, Devin “Devo” Armstrong – Canadian hosts and poker pros – make up the team of Poker Night Live in Canada. The hosts are imposed to entertain the viewers of Poker Night Live in Canada by criticizing, estimating and applauding the poker moves while watching poker live together with other citizens of Canada.

Debono claims that relying on the popularity of Poker Night Live in the UK they wanted to give Canadian poker players “the same unique opportunity to have their game critiqued by a panel of distinctly Canadian experts”.

Poker Night Live being launched in April 2005 on the British channel Poker zone has enormously grown in its popularity. Now the number of its weekly viewers amounts to more than 200,000. The “Poker TV Programme of the Year” award was recently given to Poker Night Live at the prestigious 2006 UK Gambling Awards.

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