Euro 2008 is Followed by Arrests in Thailand

More than 1,000 people were arrested and $30,000 was confiscated in Thailand. The people arrested were charged with gambling on Euro 2008 football matches. There were 192 bookies, 831 punters and 75 others among them.

As for the confiscated money, the sum is very small in comparison with the estimates by research company Kasikom which estimated that Thai gamblers would bet $1.2 billion.

As the police report, additional investigations would cause the prosecution of the biggest gambling operators.

With gambling banned in Thailand, police organized a special squad to keep an eye on major gambling criminals on the national scale. In accordance with the law, gamblers can be fined 1,000 baht or jailed for up to one year.
However, lots of Thais try to avoid the ban by going to Cambodia and Myanmar.

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