Era of Slot Machines Belonging to Norwegian Charities Seems to be Over

Norwegian authorities are about to put an end to the way volunteer organizations and charities make money, – operating slot machines if to be exact. The Norwegian state has declared monopoly on all slot machines. As a result, all the slot machines belonging to humanitarian organizations, sporting clubs, and volunteer groups are to be removed until the first of July.

Norway, with the population of 4.6 million, had approximately 18,500 slot machines across the country. And growing addiction served as the cause for such a decision. 1.5% of Norwegian population is considered to be addicted to gambling, while 133,000 are thought to be in the risk zone. It’s become known that “the average gambling addict in Norway spends 5,000 euros (6,700 dollars) a year on gaming”. It’s ridiculous but one of the main sources of income for charities was slot machines, but it contradicts morality.

The slot machines belonging to charities are to be removed before the 1st of July, but at the same time the charities and volunteer groups will share a portion of the revenues generated by the state’s machines.

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