Curt Schilling is Just About to Debut in EverQuest (R) II

His character is to live in the virtual world of EverQuest II (EQII) for three days during the Yankees vs. Red Sox baseball series on June 5, 6, 7, 2006 at Yankee Stadium. To challenge Schilling’s character, you are able to register and log into Everquest II at

For your every winning and defeat of the virtual Schilling, creators of the game will donate from $ 5 up to 10 to the ALS Association assisting sick people suffering from Lou Gehrig ’s disease. In addition, SOE will encourage and motivate people to donate money to Curt’s charity of choice.

After the three-day baseball series, this character will remain within the game as a high-powered enemy whom characters will have to face later in the game. At the launch of the campaign on June 5th, Schilling’s 10-year-old son, Gehrig will be one of the first to battle his virtual dad in-game.

Schilling is sure that the disease discussed is rather devastating, relentless, and ruthless. To his mind, the games like that is a nice way out to draw people’s attention to the problem.

There are also some baseball players who suffer from ALS. Lou Gehrig used to be the New York Yankees infielder whose career was over because of the degenerative nerve disease that later on became known as Lou Gehrig disease.

The Schillings, Curt and his wife Shonda, have been fighting against the disease for more than a decade already. Shonda works in the board of directors of ALS Association’s (ALSA) Greater Philadelphia and Arizona Chapters and advocates for ALS patients with members of Congress. Whilst Curt, being today’s top athlete in professional sport, off the field spends time with his son playing Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) video game EverQuest II. This is a game that presents a fully 3D fantasy world of mythical creatures, magic spells, majestic landscapes, fearsome dragons. There is a great epic plot.  The game gives its players the potential to be either a hero or a villain in the world that never comes to its end.

Schilling said: “I enjoy the anonymity and the ability to interact on a personal level with people I wouldn’t normally meet or know…The world is enormous, the possibilities are endless, and above all else, it’s a place to go and relax amongst friends. What I can’t get enough of is your ability to interact with real live people. The game’s about teamwork, and knowing the right way to pick and play your class properly in such a way that it complements a group. That’s why EverQuest has stayed so popular”.

The baseball superstar being in his late 30s, has been a long time fan of SOE games.

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