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Football fans all over the world for the next month will focus their attention on Germany where the 2006 World Cup takes place. Besides watching, fans will be able to bet as the leading sports book operator has taken it into consideration and many bettors all over the world have already taken a chance to bet on Costa Rica and Germany in the opening match.

As reports, much attention of bettors will be drawn by the American squad who are believed to make a deep run into the qualifiers. But Brazil as claims is sure to be a favorite. Others like England, Argentina, France and Italy also pretend to win the title.

Being the leading online betting source, provides its customers not only with possibility to predict who will be the winner of the Cup, but also with the possibility to put money on what country will win each group, quarterfinals, and even the exact finishing order of each group. Besides that, in future the customers will be able to bet on the leading goal scorer, best goalkeeper and who will be booked the most. So, the list of wages is really varied.

It has been stated that the company undergoes a steady rise. Mostly it is explained by the increased interest of the American sporting public. Will Griffiths, director of marketing, says: “Every four years the World Cup keeps getting bigger and bigger in one form or another. This is no longer considered a secondary event to the American sports fan and the amount of betting action we are seeing on it before a single game has even been played is proof of that. The matches should be exciting and customers will have plenty to choose from at to get their World Cup fix”.

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