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What has happened to a new millionaire is unbelievable. An Englishman who comes from Forge Cottage, England, started playing Jack or Better video poker at his computer by having waged $5. In no time he became a millionaire by having won   $1,310,720. What actually happened is this. The game he was playing was a $1 Jacks or better where he wagered five coins. And he got paid $5 for the pair of Queens. Then he had the option to double up. To be noticed is that every time you get this option you chance to win is 50/50. The Englishman had the option to double up 16 times in a raw. This is the way he became another millionaire at’s Founder Calvin Ayre says: “For the player who likes a game of skill, a low house edge and the possibility of large wins, there is nothing else that can compare to’s video poker.’s casino continuously aims to raise the bar with this type of entertainment and we couldn’t be happier to make some dreams happen while we’re at it”.

And you might be the next millionaire… Who knows?

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Mark Newman - was born in 1971 in Pictou, a town located on the beautiful Northumberland Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. In 1998 he graduated from Acadia University (Nova Scotia, Wolfville) with the Master’s degree in social studies. Mark simply adores his wife and sons. Considers poker to be one of the most exquisite kinds of art and rarely misses his chance of practicing.