AirPlay TV Mobile Gaming with AirPlay and Sprint

A new mobile entertainment experience is to be introduced as a result of the agreement signed by AirPlay Network, Inc. and Sprint. This technical innovation will make it possible for the admirers of gambling to select Java-enabled Nextel and Sprint wireless phones as the ones allowing people not only to send SMS voting but also to play with the help of them along with TV. This innovation will let the owners of the phones to choose winners and losers in reality TV shows, compete against the participants of the live events, and even predict while watching.

The agreement was announced by AirPlay at the global wireless trade show hosted in Las Vegas by the Cellular Telephone and Internet Association. The beginning of the TV football season will give Sprint customers a new experience – watch football, play TV and compete with the friends and family members, and even the whole audience. So, while AirPlay provides customers with the ability to play along with watching, Sprint customers be let to select AirPlay games and set up the service directly from their mobile phones. Pricing and handset coverage information will be planned later this year, but Airplay consumers will receive bills for the service on the real Sprint bill.

Initial offer of AirPlay is football. Later on they are planning to offer Sprint customers the whole AirPlay TV platform including a number of various real time entertainments. No doubt, further cooperation of AirPlay and Sprint will bring extraordinary results: exclusive AirPlay shows and events for Sprint customers.

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