Academy Rewards Leased by Online Casino

Online Casino GoldenPalace known for such things like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s baby scan, Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwiches and many other amazing stunts and performances naturally wants nothing but always to appear in the headlines. To lose their spot is to lose their fame. And it’s high time for Hollywood to make a movie about the casino that always possesses plenty of interesting ideas to make them be noticed. One of the recent ideas is to go after an Academy Award, by leasing it.

GoldenPalace spokesperson Drew Black reports that they had an attempt of buying an Oscar Award, but the attempt failed, since there is an agreement that tells that Awards given in the years following 1951 cannot be sold.

The failure did not disappoint the online casino but vice versa the situation made people work creatively. The attention was paid to the Award given in 1960 to Morris Stoloff for the score in the musical “Song Without End” which the online casino decided to lease, as nothing is said about leasing in the agreement. The deal is said to be about $30,000.

The primary sum the casino was ready to pay for Margaret O’Brien’s Oscar for Outstanding Juvenile Performer of 1944 ran as high as $100,000, but Margaret refused having motivated her decision by her daughter’s wish to possess it after her death. Having been offered leasing O’Brien said it might be possible the following year.

In fact, it must be added that Morris Stoloff’s Academy Award was leased by the casino for the following 999 years, and the latest purchase should be sent to the casino’s recent invention, traveling museum exhibiting different queer things.

Drew Black claims that the casino is eager to lease all kinds of Awards including Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Golden Globe, and wants all the winners to know about it. Black adds that their offer to Ms. O’Brien remains valid.

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