Absolute Poker Enriches the List of Games with Blackjack

Is it has been announced Absolute Poker, the fourth largest online poker website absolutepoker.com has added Blackjack to its list of games thus expanding the online playing industry and increasing popularity, as it is believed that blackjack attracts many players thanks to the combination of both skill and chance. Regarding this event as a very important one, Absolute poker offers 200 % first time bonus, i.e. up to $200 to all new Blackjack players on their first purchase. The players can keep on playing against the Blackjack dealer for their chance to win with Absolute Poker’s “7 Madness” option up to $5,000.

Some bits of history. Blackjack, in other countries known as “21” or “pontoon” is surely on of the most popular games in the world. It comes from France where it appeared around 1700 known as “vingt-et-un”, i.e. “21”. Having appeared in the USA 1800, Blackjack gradually became very popular thanks to the idea of the owners of the gambling houses who offered a special 10-to-1 payout bonus in case player’s hand consisted of the ace of spades and a black Jack (either the Jack of clubs or the jack of spades). Later on this hand became recognized as “blackjack”. Though the bonus was soon abolished, the name remained.

The rules: the aim of the player is to get to the point of 21 which is closer than the dealer’s. But the player should not exceed 21. If you exceed this point total of 21, it is a “bust”, and i.e. the player loses his wager. If the dealer busts, he pays the player for point total less or equal to 21. In case there is a tie, known as “push”, the player keeps the original wager.

If you are interested in more information about Absolute Poker’s new Blackjack, go to http://www.absolutepoker.com/blackjack.

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