“Practical Low and No Limit to Texas Hold’em Ring Games” – a New Poker Book by Kim Isaac Greenblatt

The aim of the book is to remind the poker player the basics of low limit poker they often tend to forget. The author claims that “the trick to playing is to first, see if you are a winning player, second, if not, tighten up the game, and third, start tracking one’s winnings honestly. A lot of players get burnt out after going to card clubs or playing online and losing money ‘for fun’”. But is it so funny to lose money? – Of course, not. A lot of poker players get burnt out after having lost money for fun.

Kim Isaac Greenblatt doesn’t agree with the approach presented in some books. They say that poker playing is business. Greenblatt states: “Since I don’t know how people must handle their businesses I think that is an incorrect approach”.

The author in his book reviews an approach for playing low limit ring games, reviews a low limit gaming session and gives a clear explanation of how to calculate the binomial distribution formula for making an attempt to foresee and to predict how well the player will do over the course of future sessions.

Kim Isaac Greenblatt is a technical specialist. And as he has admitted it himself, he hates poker. Money received from the book sales will go to find a cure for Rett Syndrome – a disease affecting one out of 15,000 females. Males who are born with the Rett gene commonly die at birth.

The book is available in the USA; publisher – Barnes and Noble. Soon the book will be available abroad from Amazon.com and Amazon UK.

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