Monthly Archives: June 2015

Fresh new 54 slot machines are awaiting approval from the Maryland authorities

Rocky Gap casino resortAs the titles says, more gambling fun is about to appear in Maryland totalling the overall quantity of up to 631 items despite the fact that other gambling vendors tend to decrease their slots quantity.

The Casino spokesman announced the 24 of the news slot machines to be placed inside the Ā«gambling palaceĀ» while the rest of the 30 slots to be located outside on the new terrace divided to three parts with rooftop over each one of it. No other detailed are disclosed due to the pending decision of the Maryland authorities. Continue reading

Sam Trickett loses his sponsor

Sam TrickettNothing lasts forever and we can see it now since Sam Trickett leaves Everest Poker. Both sides claim to part on mutual conditions, no war to follow.

As we remember the two parties found each other in March 2014 and brought new wave of rumours as well as great bunch of deal since the website was promoting Sam as a great player and Mr. Trickett in his turn promoted and worked for the Everest Poker as the truly amazing and indisputably number one poker player throughout the whole United Kingdom. Alongside this the overall amount of his winnings constitutes astounding $20,566,809 which brings him the sixths place in the worldwide table of Poker fame. Continue reading