Monthly Archives: August 2011

Behold the excitement of the year! is planning to share the $10 000 000 prize

The amazing thing is the prize is gathered from the total volume of the chips played so you may understand how real the offer is. It will be collected weekly from the amount of the chips played. The aim is to introduce the 32 casinos of the to the players and make them feel the wild excitement when winning a prize. The 10mln “bonus” is said to be distributed among all the winners who buy a ticket to play. Everyone wins a certain amount of the bonus and the game goes on offering another 10mln next week.

All of you burning with desire to try your luck are welcome to register at

The end of Rival Casinos approaching

Some of the websmasters have already received notifications saying that Rival casinos are shutting down and the brand will not exist no more. Be aware of the fact that all online casinos offered by the Rival group will not accept new players from the USA starting from on August 7th. It has been stated however that the old members are welcome to keep on playing. No accounts will be suspended everything will remain as it is for the lucky ones who have registered beforehand.

The changes include some of the Rival programs will now be run by the Top Game brand which will result in affiliates migration. The changes were expected by many affiliates but none of us thought of the top game Brand to come into the game. The future is unclear so far.

New Poker campaign called FairPlayUSA is launched

A new poker campaign was recently launched in Washington DC by the world’s most famous casinos which include Caesars and MGM. The campaign was launched on Tuesday and is aimed at legitimating the online poker gambling rights. They want to show how the gambling interest and strict US laws brought people to internet to play poker.

Among the advisory board members you may find the names of Tom Ridge, Parry Aftab and Greg Raymer whom we all know as the champion of the 2004 World series of Poker event. The head of the board is Marisa McNee.

By standing out as a righteous power to protect the consumers the FairPlayUSA is willing to help the poker playing fans be kept in legitimate site of the legislation.