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Do Stars Gamble?

More and more people get obsessed with gambling. Hollywood stars are not an exception, and Christina Ricci is among them.

She is known to be a fan of Blackjack. Her presence at the opening party of the new Palazzo casino resort in Las Vegas could not but be noticed.

While in Australia, Christina Ricci “learned to love betting on horses”, though it is hard for her to pick winners. She also admitted that she had put in a few football bets.

It must be noticed that in spite of the fact that gambling in Australia is under the strict regulation, the nation seems to be loving it. A great number of Australians bet throughout the year with the Australian Football Rules season and the Melbourne Cup.

Poker Tournaments Attracted Larger Numbers of Players

Passing pre-tournament guarantees,, and managed to attract a large numbers of players last weekend.

Thus, there were 7,520 entrants in’s Sunday Million event where the prize pool was as high as $1.5 million. With 1,080 players the winners prize totaled to $212,000.

One Million Dollar Guaranteed tournament run at saw a filed of 2,252 players who generated the prize pool of $1.126 million. 351 players got cash. The winner’s prize amounted to $206,564.

1,735 players took part in’s $300,000 Guaranteed on Sunday. The number of participants generated the prize pool of $347,600 and the first prize of $67,665.

Renovated Caribbean Resort Has Opened its Doors

The $5 million project for Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa is over. The resort has opened the doors after its renovation and expansion.

180 slot machines with the unique ticket-in and ticket-out technology, 12 gaming tables, a bar with 5 50-inch plasma TV screens have been added within renovation. Besides, they have renewed carpeting, tables and chairs. Thanks to all theses improvements, the casino that offers Roulette, Blackjack, Texas Hold’em Poker, Three-Card Poker and Caribbean Stud is considered to be the most technologically advanced one in Puerto Rico.

George Jacobs will run the renovated resort.

Another Legal Action Against Germany

The new law put in place in Germany can not be taken lightly by Europe’s online gaming industry, as it is believed to have a very poor effect on foreign competition in the gaming market in the country. Moreover, Germany is thought to have disregarded laws for the free movement of services the European Union has.

According to the new law, there will be no online gambling on anything except horse racing.

The European Commission is about to start a legal action against Germany in addition to the one started last year.

The European Court of Justice will make final decision. So, Germany will either have to change their laws or the country will be fined for the current laws.

Get a Sot at Winning Big at Bet365

A $2,000,000 Guaranteed Tournament will be hosted by Bet365 on March 2, 2008.

Players will be able to buy-in either straight into the main event or they can get into the tournament participating in satellite events that suite all players and methods. “Sit & Go” and Multi-table formats are included into the satellite structure.

Entry to the satellites has just begun. A lot of players are expected to participate in them, as al of them despite their experience will get “a shot at winning big”.

$100,000 up for Grabs at

Another monthly final with a total of $100,000 up for grabs in the Million Dollar Freeroll Tournament hosted by is said to take place this Sunday. $400,000 have already been awarded in the ten month long series. Players can expect $600,000 more to win.

Both experienced and new player participate in the event. It is surprising, but lots of players who have hardly participated in tournaments before get the prize money.

Freeroll tournaments at are very popular with the players, as they are considered to be fun and there is nothing to lose there. You don’t play with real money. All you can lose is the entry fee.

To participate in this Sunday’s tournament, a player should finish top in one of the qualifying freeroll events throughout this week. Sunday’s winner will walk away being $75,000 richer. Launches Cash Promotion

Now, players preferring cash games are able to enjoy Cash Table Leaders promotion launched by It is believed to be the latest innovative promotion to be staged at the online poker room. The players are said to be rewarded with large cash prizes based on the result of their play in January. The prize money totals to $100,000.

The promotion runs from January 14 to 31. All players are eligible to participate in it. Top 200 players will receive a share of $100,000.

Besides the promotion, will host a two million dollar guaranteed prize tournament. It will take place on March 2.

UK Websites to Provide Better Customer Service

100 UK gambling websites are reported to have improved their customer service by embracing technologies such as online chat, and improving accuracy and speed of responses.

The UK’s most popular gambling websites have been asked two questions:

Is there a minimum deposit or bet amount to open an account with you?

Can I choose which currency to open my account in?

A range of customer service criteria was used to assess the experience of each website. Later, the websites were awarded a score out of 100.

The experts came to the conclusion that in comparison with 2006, customer service has been improved in three main areas such as responsiveness, new interactive channels and accuracy of information.

Nevertheless, certain areas of customer service failed in 2007. They include personification of phone calls, chats and emails, communication channels, failure to provide a knowledge base destined for easy search and access information online.

The survey has shown that despite enormous improvement of customer service, the UK websites still have lots of things to improve. Having customers from all over the world, the UK websites should also take into consideration the issues of making access to information easier, and responses – immediate. The better customer service they will provide, the more interactions they’ll manage.

Two Way Gaming to Partner with Wager Works

Thanks to the deal with Two Way Gaming, the interactive TV firm operating channels for SkyTV and cable TV customers, and broadcasting more than 50 hours of programming a day, Wagerworks’ Internet gaming brands such as Monopoly, Cluedo and The Price Is Right will soon be accessible.

Two Way Gaming are also partners with Jackpot TV Group and Pitch Entertainment. The firm provides them with the content via “live shows” and offers them roulette, keno, bingo, poker, horse and dog racing reviews, football reviews together with automated gambling services such as virtual horse racing and football.

Two Way Gaming have reached more than 11 million viewers per week providing interactive gaming services for Teletext.
Being very flexible and possessing huge potential The Wager Works will put together “some exciting new properties for television”.

Betting structure for Texas Holdem poker

There is to important to realizebetting structure when playing Texas Holdem, so lets describe it shortly:

Betting structure for No-Limit Texas Holdem:

Minimum increase: An increase must be at least as high as the previous record in this round. For example, if the first player who was off, $ 100 sets, the subsequent increase in a player’s minimum amount to $ 100 (total $ 200).
Maximum increase: The entire money that they have in front.

Betting structure for Pot-Limit Texas Holdem:

Minimum increase: An increase must be at least as high as the previous record in this round. For example, if the first player who was off, $ 100 sets, the subsequent increase in a player’s minimum amount to $ 100 (total $ 200).

Maximum increase: The amount of Pottes: The amount of Pottes is composed as follows: The main Pott any adverse Pott + + all previous records set in this round of + the amount that the acting player must first pay before he can increase.

For example, if the sperm big is $ 200 and the first player to hold off, puts $ 150 and the next player called the $ 150, the next player max. $ 800. This sum of $ 800 shall be as follows: Pott $ 200 + $ 150betting 1.Spieler + $ 150betting 2.Spieler + $ 150 = $ 3.Spieler Call 650, the 3.Spieler can now also increase to $ 650, making a totalbetting of $ 800, $ 150 Call + $ 650 increase.

The game structure for No-Limit and Pot-Limit Texas Holdem is up to the same exceptions listed above.