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Online Casino World Faces a New Deal

A new deal has recently taken place in the world of the online casino: BetCorp is to be purchased by BoDog. The sum of the purchase is said to be $9 million.

BetCorp successfully operated online sportsbook, Oasis sportsbook, BetHoldem Poker and Thunderbolt Casino. Numerous analytics say that the deal was worth it, and BetCorp clients will only gain from it.

These are the commentaries of BetCorp: “We are pleased to announce that on the morning of November 15th 2006, the shareholders of Betcorp Limited approved the final sale of our operating subsidiaries to BoDog Entertainment Group SA. has a well deserved reputation for excellence and we are confident that you will enjoy your new account. We recommend that you log into your account to collect your new account access information. Clients will also be very pleased to see an extra 10% bonus provided by”.

To say more, the power of the deal was strengthened by the fact that became the prime sponsor. That adds to the excitement of the deal. Moreover, believes in the great success of the purchase.

Rich Pickings – New Action Packed “James Bond” Online Slot Machine

“Rich Pickings” is a new action online slot machine game presented at the market by It’s a new “James Bond” game. The game is available now either for fun or cash prizes on Actually it’s a 5 reel, 25 line slot machine with a rather fascinating game to play. The game transfers you into the world of a secret agent with an amazing sports car, a powerful speedboat, a helicopter, a silent revolver, etc. The game is full of action and adventures. Except winning symbols the slot machine contains other spy gadget icons that players will hope to spin onto their selected win lines.

The main hero called Special Agent Byron acts as a substitute for any other icons thus making up a winning set. So, by spinning in 2 helicopters and an animated Byron, you’ll get the winning amount of three helicopters.

There is one more hero, heroine if to be exact. Her name is Monique, and she also acts as some kind of surprise. Wherever she appears on the reels, the player automatically receives free spins.

With the appearance of a new movie this season, the players also got a chance to enjoy it not only on the screen, but also by playing the game a “James Bond” related topic. “007 himself was far too busy tackling the evil Le Chiffre to come to our casino, so we hired his fellow secret agent Byron to lead the fight against evil” – said Brian Morgan, CEO Cyberslotz.

A New Promotion and a New Winner at

If you are a NFL fan, there is an exciting offer for you. Got interested in it? That is a $2,000 Sports Fantasy Freeroll offered by – an online casino. Every Tuesday at 9 pm EST at will held the $2,000 Sports Fantasy Freeroll.

And there is already a winner of the new offer – Joe B. who is a loyal customer. His prize is tickets to the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants game in NY on the 3rd of December.

Joe was lucky to make a full house on the final hand of the tournament and win the grand prize package. Joe says: “At about 50th place I wanted to at least make the final table. The realization of winning didn’t hit until I was in eighth place. It was exciting that I possibly had a chance to win out of 135 players… It took me a little while after that to have it sink in that I had actually won the NFL package. Dreams can come true when you least expect them”.

And you can join Joe too…

Movies Can Also Give You Some Useful Gambling Tips

Online casino gamblers have more than one reason to celebrate the appearance of the 21st movie in the James Bond Series called “Casino Royale”. And the matter is not only in the chance to see the new movie at their local cinema, but the matter is actually in the chance to find out new tricks they can try out when gambling online. For example, there is a very wise tip that centers on being cool all the time. Watch how James Bond does it! He keeps cool even when he is just about to lose his car, yacht, or even his girl. And his ability to stay cool in such situations finally makes him a winner. Make sure, you can keep cool as well when playing at home at online casino sites. Having been cool, you’ll enjoy the play and get your rewards.

Do you remember any other movies that can provide you with a useful tip and gambling entertainment? Give your memory a chance. You’ll figure it out!

Successful Launch of a New Bingo Site

Playtech’s portfolio bingo affiliate marketing opportunities cannot but impress anybody. The latest success of it can be considered to be the launch of a new bingo site – Bingoday which is owned and operated by Imperial E-Club Ltd. Being launched, this site has automatically become a member of network – proprietary of Playtech. The network, under discussion, supports “fully customized games, multiple rooms and a selection of game types including built-in scratch cards, slots, multi-line & multi-reel progressives, video poker games”, etc.

What are the features of Bingoday? It features 4 bingo halls that offer 75-ball as well as 90-ball options. Besides, there are live professional chat moderators and lots of other specialists who definitely contribute to the success of the site. More over Bingoday offers huge jackpots in addition to the newest software. The combination of outstanding service and latest technology are the features that have brought Bingoday to the leading positions.

Click Here To Play Bingo Online!Manager of Bingoday, Jay Douglas, claims the following: “Given Imperial E-Club’s long-term experience with Playtech, it was a natural decision to use Playtech’s bingo software technology, as well as the BingoLand Network, for the launch of our first bingo site,”. He states that “with innovative, cutting-edge technology plus unmatched service and support, Playtech has helped to boost Imperial E-Club’s casino and poker sites to leadership positions in online gaming”. Douglas also admits: “They have consistently stayed ahead of the competition by anticipating growing consumer needs – and we’ve remained on the Playtech technology platform for its responsiveness in answering these needs. We’ve enjoyed many excellent years with Playtech, building a strong technical relationship and a tried-and-true record of online success”.Avigur Zmora, Playtech CEO comments that “the Playtech team is extremely pleased with Bingoday’s launch and is looking forward to its online success…”

To get more information about Playtech, go to

“Team Bingo” – Exciting Promotion for Bingo Admirers

Are you an online casino player looking for new friends? This is your time to rock! What’s that? It’s a launch of “Team Bingo” tournaments with a total of 2 million loyalty points or GBP 2,000 in prize money. And the rules are simple! What is required is the team of four to sign under a single team. After that all four of you will play together under the rest of the month. Are you interested in the event but you don’t have the friends to play online casino bingo with? Don’t get upset! You can choose to be added to an already existing team. If you have friends, then make up your own team.

The bingo site that has launched the tournaments says that “the winning team will be the one to score the most bingos during the month”.

Is this the excitement you are looking for? Lots of bingo players have already joined the tournament. What about you? What are you waiting for? Make up your mind! This is the time for you to play your favorite online casino game and enjoy your time. Nobody know who might become a winner. And it might be you!

Another Millionaire at

What has happened to a new millionaire is unbelievable. An Englishman who comes from Forge Cottage, England, started playing Jack or Better video poker at his computer by having waged $5. In no time he became a millionaire by having won   $1,310,720. What actually happened is this. The game he was playing was a $1 Jacks or better where he wagered five coins. And he got paid $5 for the pair of Queens. Then he had the option to double up. To be noticed is that every time you get this option you chance to win is 50/50. The Englishman had the option to double up 16 times in a raw. This is the way he became another millionaire at’s Founder Calvin Ayre says: “For the player who likes a game of skill, a low house edge and the possibility of large wins, there is nothing else that can compare to’s video poker.’s casino continuously aims to raise the bar with this type of entertainment and we couldn’t be happier to make some dreams happen while we’re at it”.

And you might be the next millionaire… Who knows?

Mutually Profitable Partnership of William Hill and GameAccount

The leading UK bookmaker and gaming group William Hill have recently chosen GameAccount ( which is considered to be the largest integrated network of skill-based games as a supplier of skill game products. This agreement will make it possible for the customers of William Hill to join players wagering real money from more than 130 countries all over the world.

Thus, the William Hill Skill Game service will be accessible in 7 languages and 11 currencies. The following games being further supported by next-generation ‘poker-style’ tournament technology such as Cash Games; Non-stop ‘Sit and Go’ tournaments, money-added scheduled tournaments; guaranteed prize money tournaments; feeder tournaments and regular scheduled Freeroll tournaments will be in focus:  Multiplayer Blackjack, Gin Rummy and Backgammon. These are not the only opportunities possible: William Hill will be able to launch exclusively accessible to their clientele bespoke branded tournaments.

William Hill group are delighted with their choice.  Peter Nolan, Group Director Interactive Business for William Hill says: “…GameAccount have proven to be strongly aligned with our vision and are a great fit for our product expansion strategy. We are particularly excited about their unique multiplayer products, providing greater choice and quality entertainment to our customer base.”

“…William Hill is a British gaming institution and key global brand. Our single-wallet service and products are proven to generate per-player value comparable with and incremental to existing Poker services, and clearly these economics and product stability were major factors in our partner’s choice. Teaming with an established eGaming giant is yet another benchmark for GameAccount and ongoing confirmation of our belief that the right Skill Gaming derivatives are serious contenders in the sportsbook and casino space”, – Kevin Dale, CEO of GameAccount claims.

GameAccount’s current partners are BetCORP Plc, the Sportingbet group,, Victor Chandler International and Skybet, and William Hill is another in a line of key deals for the company.

Hot Poker Players and Friends

When speaking about poker players, we can not but mention John “The Razor” Phan and Liz “The Pokerdiva” Lieu. What do they have in common? First, they both originate from Vietnam. Second, both of them have made their poker careers in America. Third, they are friends. More over, they are both engaged in charity work.

Participating in WPT and WSOP, John was very close from being called poker player of the year of 2005. His tournament winnings totaled practically $3 million. As for Liz, she is a frequent winner at high stakes cash table in Las Vegas. This year she has been taking part in WPT, European Poker Tour (EPT) and some other circuits around the world.

The Befair Asian Poker Tour is in fact the first major tour in Asia. And both Liz and John are going to take part in it. They both hope to win. And if either of them wins the tour, they’ll give 20% of their future winnings to charity. It might be as much as $100,000.

Liz and John comment: “We are both really looking forward to the Betfair Asian Poker Tour in Singapore to represent our team, It will be really interesting to follow poker’s growing popularity in Asia from close range. Asians are always good with games and that is one of the reasons why so many players of Asian origin have been so successful in the world of poker, especially in America. We would also like to find new poker players that would like to become members of our team by showing their skills on our site or in live tournaments like the one in Singapore”. Breaks Winning Records Again

Online jackpot world records set at the network called that is powered by Playtech is rather an original way to convert new casino players.

This year the network surprises its visitors again by having two amazing jackpots in a six months period. By the way, the first jackpot set the world record for the largest online jackpot won. It amounted to $1,966,183. The second jackpot, won by Chiaki S. amounted to $474,342. She was playing Gold Rally at Zipang Casino that is actually a member of the network. Her latest jackpot took place on May 10th 2006 – that is nine months after her first jackpot which made up $489,753.

A network spokesperson said: “We at were astounded that a single player won twice. This two-time jackpot winner has once again proven why Gold Rally is such a popular and successful game. It not only delivers numerous multi-million dollar casino wins and sets world records, but also frequently pays out jackpots to players. We would like to congratulate Chiaki on her win and wish her the best of luck for the future”.

8-line Wild West themed slot game, an affiliate feedback for Gold Rally, is an extremely popular game on the net. It offers two interactive bonus stages. Thus last year, Gold Rally set a record for the largest online casino jackpot payouts ever.

As for Chiaki S., she is completely stunned by her winnings. Thanks to them she is now able to pay off the loan she has taken to purchase her business.

For more information about Playtech, go to