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New Discovery of

32Red Macintosh online casino is a new discovery of In spite of its recent discovery, it has been online for years and it is considered to be one of the leading online casinos, and it is able to compete even with Golden Palace and 888 that are also Mac compatible.

32Red can be proud of their reputation since their parent company is traded publicly on the London Stock Exchange. Besides, they are an official sponsor of one of the best Football clubs in England.

The variety of games, which is over 100, may surprise any Mac user: different card games such as blackjack and poker, roulette, online slot machines, video poker and many others. The wide selection of games will make you forget the difficulty you might experience while setting up the account at 32Red. And once the account has been set up, you can easily start playing by logging into your account and picking a game you like.

No doubt that as a Mac user you’ll appreciate your opportunity to play your favorite games online without any need to download them or install Flash, a very common web technology required to play online. The installation Flash is not necessary since all Mac casino games operate it.

For more information, go to

Significant Growth in Traffic at Diamond I’s New Interactive Site

Being a developer of wireless gaming products, e.g. WiFiCasino (TM) – a wireless hand-held gaming system, Diamond I, Inc. noticed a significant growth in traffic at its new interactive website that offers just for entertainment such games to play as slots, roulette, blackjack, poker. The games are like those available on the company’s GS2 wireless gambling device.

If you wish to play Diamond’s GS2 games, go to GS2 is the first of Diamond’s products containing technologies available for players.

Diamond I, Inc. develops wireless gaming products, including a hand-held Wi-Fi-based gaming system that meets published 802.11 (x) standards and operates in unlicensed spectra, such as 2.4 and 5.8 Ghz.

The Palms Resort and Casino continue to develop a working relationship with Diamond I, Inc. Besides that, Diamond I looks for some more casinos or hotels to serve as the demonstration site for its WiFi Casino. Preliminary discussions have already taken place between Diamond I and some cruise ships, owners of horse racing facilities in the USA and dog and horse racing facilities outside the USA.

Money Casino Offers a Downloadable Version of Flash Games

Being a player at Money Casino, now you are able to download so widely popular Flash games. The idea is sure to be a success as there are a lot of players who wish they had a downloadable version at home with the help of which Money Casino is launched directly from their desktop, or they can start a menu and have an instant access to their favorite games.

There are two principles that make the download process so easy. Money Casino’s players are familiar with them: speed and intuitive use. You can download the version directly from Instant launch of Money Casino will follow. You’ll be surprised to find out that the variety of games there is just the same as the suite of Mac casino’s instant play games. You can play the downloadable and no-downloadable casino software in turns using one and the same account as the casino cashier and players’ accounts are the same.

Money Casino ( appreciates its players and welcomes visitors from all over the world 24/7 via email, chat and call-me-back-service. Money Casino’s games are available in different languages: English, Spanish, Swedish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Russian and Hebrew. What concerns the website, it is available in English, Spanish, Hebrew, and Swedish. Euro, dollars and sterling are the currencies accepted by Money Casino.

90 Bill Bingo – a New Offer of ( being established in April 2005 as a part of the Globalcom network is fast growing Bingo site. It has many things to offer. One of the recently launched offers is its new 90 Ball Bingo. has some special features: more and more female players in the UK choose this site to play bingo; every Friday the bingo playing community of this site is treated to a 1million Pound Coverall Jackpot where the minimum jackpot makes up 2500 Pounds. Besides that, there are a lot of prizes, a great loyalty scheme, and what is also important – friendly, warm atmosphere encouraged by chat masters. That sounds fantastic!

If you are a new player, you’ll be offered 10 free cards and a matching bonus of 100%. To get more details, go to and join the friendly bingo playing community.

Richard Lee’s House was Raided

It has been reported in the San Antonio press that local police searched Richard Lee’s house. Richard is the recent WSOP winner of approximately $3million. The cause of the home raid is the evidence of an “extensive illegal Internet gambling operation”. No doubt, Lee appeared to be a target of long investigation.

“Our vice detectives have been conducting a comprehensive investigation where they believe proceeds from illegal gambling have bought a lot of items in this house,” Joe Rios told WOAI, a San Antonio Television Station. “Anytime we have that type of investigation that leads us to believe there’s illegal property in the house we have authority to seize it. We’re taking all the vehicles and all the property inside the house”. So, dozens of receipts for deposits on payouts from gambling proceeds were found in Lee’s house. As a result, a money-counting machine, five Lexus cars, multiple plasma-screen TV-sets, a huge amount of cash were seized. No one was arrested.

Certainly, this police operation is the largest one in San Antonio, and having found evidence, the police are able to move forward.

Does a Winnipeg Man Have Any Chances to Win in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas?

In spite of the fact that 8,000 players are going to take part in the world’s largest poker tournament in Las Vegas, Sean Daulat, an air traffic controller at Winnipeg International Airport, hopes to win as much as $ 10 million thus beating his 2005 payoff – US $ 100,000. He claimed his spot in the tournament by winning an online tournament, and the entrance to it cost him $ 50.

“You don’t even have to finish first to do well,” Daulat explained. “Last year, I finished 79th and won over $100,000. If I do the same thing this year, I’ll get even more money”.

Daulat hopes to win, but he is perfectly aware that he is going to meet a lot of players who are better that him. He says that he is to be realistic, and his chances are one in eight thousand to win. Still he is better than others. In the end, everyone will agree that it’s a matter of luck.

If you are a gambler

If you are a gambler, there are lots of opportunities for you to entertain yourself, but it goes without saying the World Series of Poker is the world’s oldest and most tradition-laden poker tournament.

In 1970 organizing the World Series of Poker at Horseshoe Casino, Las Vegas, and starting with seven poker professionals, Benny Binion thought that the tournament would grow up to 50 players or more. The tournament did grew, but the number of participants has overreached Binion’s expectations. For instance, this year the WSOP that took place between June 26 and August 11 drew 48,364 entrants from 56 countries around the world for the 45 events. In future experts expect even a bigger growth of popularity of poker. Nowadays you can also play poker with – the only poker room endorsed by the legendary Doyle Brunson, the person who has won the main event many times and who is widely considered to be the best poker player of all the time.

What does it mean to be a poker player? It means to be more skillful thus eliminating the risk of loosing money, keeping everything under the control, choosing strategies. And that is a great advantage! Moreover, you have a lot of opportunities to develop your skills: both online and offline books and strategy items providing you with theory that may be practiced online free of charge; poker forum that gives a chance to analyze hand and put opinions. And that is really a merit because critics may give a very good piece of advice and indirectly put thousands of dollars into your pocket.

There is one more merit that you should take into consideration: you don’t play against the house or other players. Playing poker you are encouraged to win because that both keeps you in the game and maintains the rake. Try to be disciplined, be a good manager, and you are likely to win. Unfortunately many gamblers by nature are not disciplined, and do not exercise sensible practices when betting, but being a good poker player you can take advantage of this inadequacy and win your money. These are the successful business strategies.

Get reading, get practicing, and help yourself to poker.

MECN Presents Casual Gaming and Gambling in the Internet Study

The major topics under the study are those related to skill gaming, online bingo and fantasy sports. The study is based on the results of a survey of the unique insights and assessments kindly offered by more than 60 industry experts.

The key results of the study are as following:

1.The experts expect the current market size for casual gaming and gambling (skill gaming and online bingo) to be approximately USD 500 million with 8 million registered players playing for cash

2.By 2010 the casual gaming and gambling market is believed to go up to USD 1 billion

3.The experts estimate that there are more than 63 % of the female casual gamers in this male-dominated gambling and gaming industry

4.Approximately 72% of the experts think that a large variety of games is the feature that is absolutely necessary for a successful casual gaming site

5.91% experts believe that Europe will become the most important region for growth

There are several reasons why the industry has started paying more attention to casual gambling. The times the private online gambling industry is coming through are not the easiest ones, they are somewhat are shocking: the US House of Representatives managed to pass an online gambling prohibition bill and it is likely to be passed by the Senate; validity of private betting licenses in Germany was limited by high courts; the FBI arrested the CEO of Online sports book BetonSports.

Of course, casual gambling and gaming have existed for several years already, but now it is in special focus. Female casual gamers are those who are waiting for attractive offers, and the industry has paid little attention to them so far. It is high time to change the target.

As for legislation, it is becoming tougher everywhere. Both state and private lotteries are forced to look for more alternative products to their traditional gambling offers. For example, in accordance with European court decisions, some state lotteries (such as Dutch De Lotto and German WestLotto) now have to decrease their marketing and expansion efforts for sports betting. Casual gaming could be an attractive alternative revenue source for them. Martin Oelbermann, coauthor of the study says: “Especially the legally less problematic skill gaming sector, including online versions of various card and board games, must become a consideration in many strategic discussions at state lotteries as one of the key future growth option”.

For more details of MECN’s study, go to is within the Top Ten Most Visited Websites

“We’re delighted to announce that we’re now within the Top ten most visited websites” – said Brian Morgan, Cyberslotz. That is proved by the fact that it got its position in the latest quarterly Top Ten Hitwise listing of the UK gambling sites that are ranked by share of visits.

Cyberslotz got its position thanks to a 30 % increase in the number activity, mostly female members aged 18 – 30 enjoying longer playing hours and at the same time chatting via a chat facility online about non-football related topics.

This summer the games like Bondi Bucks and Sunset Dreams offered by Cyberslotz turned out to be very popular. So, players seemed to spend approximately some additional 30 minutes on the top of that regular playing time of 45 minutes. The members of Cyberslotz had a chance to enjoy a great selection of games and bingo chat.

Harrah’s Racetrack to Bring Jobs for Delaware County

Brand new Harrah’s racetrack encompassing 60 redeveloped acres is a multi-million dollar project, but it is expected that it will bring about one thousand jobs to Chester, Delaware County. Local residents are being hired now. Moreover, the racetrack and the casino are expected to bring about $10 million in revenues for the City, and approximately the same sum for Delaware County.

The new track has already been tested. Harrah’s in Chester is expected to open for harness racing next month. A huge slot parlor is to follow early in 2007. So, they are in a hurry now to finish installation of grandstands infield and construction of parking lots.

Harrah’s expectation is about 10,000 gamblers per day for live racing, simulcast, and the one-armed bandits.

Harrah’s project is sure to be a success.