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Use Your Chance to Add Casino Games to Your Website, Courtesy of Online-Casino

The leading casino website for beginners and intermediate players, Online Casino ( has recently launched the latest addition to its website – five flash casino games that can be added to any website. They are: 2 Times Wild, Golden Eggs, Video Poker, Roulette, and Blackjack. Webmasters can choose from these games at Online Casino ( The games offered in two formats are simple and advanced: the simple code is intended to be for beginning programmers, while the advanced code having greater flexibility is for advanced ones.

To set up the games on your website, you may copy and paste the available source code from the Online Casino page and add it to the text on your website.

Sean Lifton, Marcom manager for Online Casino said: “We’re always trying to think of ways to allow more people access to the great games at the site. Now, anyone can add the code to their sites, for free, and all of their visitors can play the games, also for free”.

About Online Casino:

Online Casino is said to be a leading casino gaming website for beginners and intermediate level players. There they can learn and play the most popular casino games in the web. Online Casino is powered by that provides a realistic casino environment with easy-to-use controls and feel. Since its launch in 1997, has provided more than 20 million players with top class gaming action.

Being powered by, Online Casino has adopted the code of conduct from the Interactive Gaming Council. In accordance with it Online Casino is to provide a safe and fun atmosphere for all its players. As a result Online Casino provides its players with the safest, most secure and entertaining online gaming experience on the web.

Online Casino has a special offer – tutorials and practice play for the most popular online poker games such as blackjack, slots, craps, video poker, etc. You can notice superb quality of the Online Casino software, its user-friendliness, graphics, authentic casino feel. For any technical questions and problems you may apply to the customer service 24 hours a day.

Online Casino appreciates its players ant tends to do its best to provide them with the best service and entertainment available on the web.

What is the Real attitude of Professional Sports Leagues to Internet Gambling

A lot of gambling related themes, e.g. NHL Gambling Probe and the introduction of legislation banning Internet Gambling, have been much debated for the last few months. The article “Should Online Gambling Be Banned?” in the Wall Street Journal issued on the 4th of April, 2006 cites Rep. James A. Leach, a Republican from Iowa, who says that it is not accidentally that the supporters of the legislation he has introduced are the representatives of every major sport organization: NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAA. Thus it means that they do not support Internet Gambling. At the same time they do not mind the British Columbia Lottery Corporation allowing residents to wager on a number of sports. E.g. they ran a promotion for “March Madness” until the 3rd of April where the following text could be seen: “It’s all about hoops: 64 teams, 61 games, March 16 – April 3. Bet on all the big games with Sports Action Oddset and Point Spread below”. If you wish you can check it out for yourself at

So, it is natural that people start doubting whether the pro sports organizations support Internet gambling or not.

Rep. Leach also says that real brick-and-mortar casinos can keep children and unreliable gamblers away, while Internet casinos cannot.

At the same time as they say, British Columbia seems to be able to monitor the web; states like New York and Illinois are seriously regarding the opportunity of offering their lotteries online to the state residents.

Representatives of the major sports leagues seem to be displeased and in their letter dated February 1, 2006 to Congress stated the following: “Sports gambling threatens the character of team sports. Our games stand for the values of clean and healthy competition, and rewarding teamwork, preparation and honest effort. When sports gambling is prevalent, the games begin to represent a “quick fix”, the desire to get something for nothing, and even corruption. Allowing rampant sports gambling can cause a cynical and suspicious perception of athletic events, in place of the traditional American values they should represent”.

But on the other hand the Major League Baseball league has recently introduced the Red Sox Instant Ticket. It appeared on sale on the 11th of April as a result of an agreement between the Lottery and Scientific Games which is the world’s largest instant ticket producer. Being Scientific Games’ licensing subsidiary, MDI Entertainment not so much time ago entered into a relationship with MLB to offer league and team logos to lotteries for use on instant tickets. Thus, the Massachusetts Lottery is the first in the country to produce an instant ticket in accordance with this new agreement. As a result it seems that MLB supports US gambling.

It is believed that the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA are being sponsored by, and even the writer himself witnessed the game in which the announcer promoted the online poker site scrolling banners that featured the URL. To make sure that it’s really so you can visit an official NBA site ( where you can observe giving competitors the chance either to win Clippers courtside seats or the trip to Las Vegas by having logged onto, entered in the code 1ACTION and started playing. For more details go to

“This encourages widespread gambling by minors and young adults…” – these are the words from the February 1st Pro Sports letter that were also addressed to Congress.  This seems to prove that pro sports organizations are against children playing, but once during a hockey game a boy in his early tens was a given a chance to take part in the game where he had to decide whether the next drawn card was going to be of a higher or lower value, and his face was shown live on a big screen, and it could be observed by thousands of other children. That game is called Hi-Lo, and who will deny the fact that it is gambling. So, what we observe now is that even NHL teaches children how to gamble.

To get comments the organizations like BCLC, MLB, NHL, NCAA, NFL and NBA have been contacted, but none replied!

Fourth Quarter and Year End Results Announced by, Ltd. being the operator of the World’s largest Bingo Hall has announced its final results for the fourth quarter and year end December 31, 2005. All amounts are given in US dollars and are based on the US generally accepted accounting principles. The 2005 fiscal year facts are:

Revenue increased up to $ 1,981,061 (to compare, in 2004 it made up $ 1,158,620)
Revenue in the fourth quarter amounted to $ 654,438 while in the third quarter in 2005 it amounted to $ 465,733, which is a 41% increase.
Fourth quarter gaming revenue went up to $ 353,348 thus it is 79% more than in the third quarter gaming revenue when it was $ 197,873 (this increase is due to an increase in the number of cash bingo players).
Net profit in 2005 made up $ 120,790.

During the year ended December 31, 2005, the company introduced traditional bingo for cash to the players. Their revenue from the cash bingo gaming operations ran as high as $594,582 for the year ended December 31, 2005.  Simultaneously advertising revenue increased to $1,386,479 for the year ended December 31, 2005, that is a 20% increase over revenue of $1,158,620 for the same period in 2004. The Company made advertising revenue equal to $301,090 in the fourth quarter of 2005, an increase of 12% from advertising revenue of $267,860 in the third quarter of 2005. The Company’s advertising revenue was earned from the sale of advertising on its Web portal,, which experienced strong traffic throughout the year.

The 2005 operating costs before interest, depreciation and amortization expenses went up to $1,409,739, from $692,952 for the previous year, an increase of 103%. Operating costs before interest, depreciation and amortization expenses were $479,781 for the quarter ended December 31, 2005, an increase of 96% compared to expenses of $244,628 for the same period in the previous year and an increase of 45% compared to expenses of $329,936 in the third quarter of 2005. The increase in operating costs compared to the previous year has been achieved mainly due to the commencement of the cash bingo operations during the 2005 fiscal year, especially incentive bonuses used in player acquisition and customer relations staff. Interest, depreciation and amortization totaled $48,160 and $8,066 for the year and quarter ended December 31, 2005, respectively, compared to $341,576 and $7,615 for the year and quarter ended December 31, 2004, respectively. The 85% decrease in inter
est, depreciation and amortization for the 2005 fiscal year is explained by the conversion of both Debenture A and Debenture B into the Company’s shares during the year ended December 31, 2005.

As it has already been mentioned, the Company ended the 2005 fiscal year with a net income of $120,790, or $0.00 per share. That is considered to be an improvement compared to a net loss of $71,640, or $0.00 per share for the prior fiscal year. The net income for the quarter ended December 31, 2005 ran as high as $40,095 – that is a 37% decrease over the net income of $63,591 for the same period in the previous year. This decrease in net income is explained by the increased costs incurred in the commencement of gaming operations in 2005.

The Company’s CEO, Tarrnie Williams stated that 2005 was a very special year, as their online gaming strategy proved to be a success and has evidently grown since its launch. He added that with their reduced reliance on advertising revenues, they are about “to increase their marketing efforts and drive significant traffic into the cash games”. Obviously, 2006 is expected to be a record year for online bingo and

From Starting out to Skilled, Poker Fans Reveal Their Faces in TV tournaments on Poker Night Live

Being the first TV internet poker program Poker Night Live comes from Casino and Gaming Television Canada (CGTV) and offers a revolutionary mixture of entertainment programming with online gaming, beginners or already experienced players having all the possibilities to take part in TV high stakes games of internet poker with the results being analyzed by top poker pros, and simultaneously improving their game and skills while watching real people playing real poker for real money.

CGTV co-founder and chief creative officer, Terry Debono, admits that their innovative approach to online poker, the creation of Poker Night Live is their pride. He adds that “through an entertaining blend of high stakes online poker, and live commentary by the experts…, Poker Night Live will appeal not only to poker lovers, but also to the gaming enthusiasts and entertainment fans…”

Canadians joining Poker Night Live will get unique experience, as the program has been designed to help its players improve their skills and game. The viewers will be able to see the cards in each player’s hand what will enable them to learn playing while seeing the mistakes of others and in addition having their play criticized by pros.

Rogers Digital Cable channel 288, Bell ExpressVu channel 274, Videotron Illico Digital TV channel 59, and Mountain Cablevision Channel 389 broadcast Poker Night Live every day, seven days a week from 11p.m. to 1a.m. EST (with daily encore presentations at noon EST).
Tina Teggart, “Johnny T” Tokatlidis, Devin “Devo” Armstrong – Canadian hosts and poker pros – make up the team of Poker Night Live in Canada. The hosts are imposed to entertain the viewers of Poker Night Live in Canada by criticizing, estimating and applauding the poker moves while watching poker live together with other citizens of Canada.

Debono claims that relying on the popularity of Poker Night Live in the UK they wanted to give Canadian poker players “the same unique opportunity to have their game critiqued by a panel of distinctly Canadian experts”.

Poker Night Live being launched in April 2005 on the British channel Poker zone has enormously grown in its popularity. Now the number of its weekly viewers amounts to more than 200,000. The “Poker TV Programme of the Year” award was recently given to Poker Night Live at the prestigious 2006 UK Gambling Awards.

To find out more about the show, hosts, contests and promotions, go to

Manitoba Lotteries Corporation Signed Contract with Pollard Banknote

Manitoba Lotteries Corporation and Pollard Banknote Limited Partnership (“Pollard Banknote”) has signed a contract according to which Pollard Banknote will be supplied with bingo paper. The contract valued in excess of 1 million dollars (CDN) every year is to start in April 2006. The contract is valid within 36 months, and it includes and option for MLC to extend the contract for 2 extra one-year periods.

Jennifer Westbury, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Pollard Banknote, admits that they are excited and thrilled to be the Lottery partner, and while selling bingo papers to private charitable gaming distributors, they get their first lottery customers for bingo papers.

You can play the bingo paper at Winnipeg casinos (Club Regent and Mc Phillips Street Station) and some other licensed bingo Manitoba events. Thanks to the contract Pollard Banknote will be able to supply approximately 900 million individual bingo cards annually.

Diamond I, Inc. Provides Voice Print

Being a developer of wireless gaming products Diamond I, Inc. (OTC BB: DMOI) informed the public about its newly acquired security technology, called voice-recognition biometric or “voice print” which is expected to influence its partnership with Real Video Gaming, Inc. (RVG), a technological company providing live video feeds of gaming devices located in land-based casinos to mobile and gaming patrons.

David Loflin, Diamond I’s CEO is sure that their technology will make it possible to deliver their ultimate wireless, hand-held gaming unit with the highest standards of security to Real Video Gaming, and under Diamond I’s arrangement with RVG, RVG will buy Diamond I’s WifiCasino GS hand-held devices for use in delivering gaming content toils to customers. He adds firmly believing that their patent-pending “voice-print” security technology and patent-pending “finger print” security technology are of primary importance in the sphere of biometrically-secured wireless casino, sport book gaming, etc. their security technologies having increased relevance followed the recent regulations implementing Nevada Law AB471 according to which the use of mobile communication devices for gaming in public places in Nevada casinos is authorized.

Diamond I’s technologies incorporated into their Wifi Casino GS will prove the regulators that they are used only by authorized casinos.

World Poker Tour (R) on the Big Screen: Burt Reynolds and Bret Harrison Starring

“Deal” filming this month in New Orleans will soon present World Poker Tour (R) first Hollywood close-up, where we’ll see such hosts as Mike Sexton, Vince Van Patten and Courtney Friel playing themselves and Hollywood stars like Burt Reynolds and Bret Harrison. The cast of the film also includes a veteran actor Charles Durning, poker aficionado Shannon Elizabeth and WPT stars Phil “The Unabomber” Laak and Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari.

The film produced by Michael Arata and Louisiana-based Crescent City Pictures and directed by Gil Gates Jr. tells the story of an ex-gambler (Reynolds starring) who teaches a hot-shot college student (Harrison starring) “to play the player”. The final in the film take place at the World Poker Tournament.

The WPT scenes will be filmed after April 18 -24, 2006 WPT World Championship (TM), the $12-15 million final to the 17-event World Poker Tour Season IV. The new WPT World Champion is to be crowned at Bellagio in Las Vegas and to be awarded a $3+ million prize, the set will be sent to New Orleans.

“Deal” is believed to bring much more popularity to the already popular show on the Travel Channel, and it will for sure contribute to the explosion of poker in the world scale.

The WPT being the world’s poker leader and an implementer of the gold standard in poker has introduced poker to the whole world using innovative strategies like televised poker that is seen in more than 147 countries. The WPT somehow inspires the players, and as a result of it a lot of men and women join the poker playing community. The WPT has transformed poker into the sport for a huge number of players and viewers, to say nothing of the hundreds of millions dollars of prize money believed to be able to realize the famous American Dream.

If you do admire poker, either playing or watching, there is one more possibility for you: the WPT airs on the Travel Channel every Wednesday night at 9pm ET/ PT in the USA and on ITV4 in the UK.

The World of Online Gambling and Making Sense in it

People who like to gamble are getting more and more demanding. They want to get detailed and objective reviews about online casinos; they want the playing rules to be clearly explained, they want to improve their skills and to get tips. These are the things being so rarely offered by the web sites, what proves that very few of them have something personal to offer to their clients. Gamblux portal and gambling guide ( is one of few gambling sites that responds to the users’ needs. Its policy helps the portal to gain greater power and popularity in the online casino and gambling market in spite of the fact that it was launched only in 2004. The portal differs with a specially written content that makes both a casual and a serious player be interested in it. It is easy for the beginners to start playing such casino games as Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Baccarat, Craps, Slots, Keno, Pai Gow, etc as they get clear instructions. Moreover they are provided with useful advice and winning play strategies.

What concerns already experienced players they have an access to detailed information regarding leading online casinos, poker rooms, offered bonuses, special events, etc. More than that, they are provided with up-to-date, objective, relevant reviews to be accurately informed.

Visit  to get much more information and the latest news about gambling events and top-rated online casinos.

Next Generation of Mobile Poker for Players on Blackberry Technology Announced by Fortuna

All the players all over the world who are on the new Blackberry 8700 series got the next generation of mobile poker “Mobile Gold”, that is a new 10 hand version of the Texas Hold’em product. The appearance of the product has been announced by Fortuna Gaming Corp., (OTC Bulletin Board: FGAM.OB), (“the Company”), through its subsidiary Fortuna Gaming (UK) Limited (“Fortuna”). As Doug Waugh, president of the company has stated, they have provided their shareholders and players with maximum value and with the success of the Motorola Razr.

Dallas Robinson, VP Marketing, comments: “Fortuna’s Mobile Gold will attract a wider for free player base due to its use of the Blackberry technology in North America… and will enhance the player’s experience and game satisfaction despite their location”.

If to be exact, a ten-hand Texas Hold’em mobile game “Gold Mobile – Texas Hold’em” was worked out  by MGN fro the Blackberry 8700 series mobile phone which is the first handset available in Research in Motion’s (“RIM”) new range of Intel-based smart phones. In contrast to the 8700c being available exclusively on the Cingular Network in the USA, the 8700r is exclusively available on the Rogers network in Canada. The 8700, to be noticed, should work in most places in the world as it is a quad-band GSM/ GPRS phone. The 8700 is regarded and described as the fastest Blackberry, and it is provided with the new QVGA color LCD screen improved at 320×240 pixels.

Mobile Gamin Now are impressed with the new Blackberry 8700 series, it screen size, speed and clear graphics and say: “We have a 6-hand and 10-hand game that integrates simultaneously with the PC. A player at a table can’t tell if someone’s playing on a PC or a mobile phone. The new Gold Mobile is a 10-hand mobile game with high quality graphics. It’s our top-of-the-line mobile game. Players can also use the other Blackberry devices to play our games”.

Having launched its full compliment of gaming sites in Q1 this year, MGN has already admitted positive results by having registered 1000 players and that is only within the first month of operation. And this year MGN is expected to register approximately 150,000 members including registrations from its Licensees. The company was also expected to generate 540,000 hits in March.  First year planned revenues for MGN make up approximately $5.5 million and they admit that the average poker has a lifetime value of approximately $600.

About Mobile Gaming Now (MGN)

With its offices in Kirkland, Washington, and Vancouver, MGN is a gaming software developer and marketer whose focus is on the casino gaming market. The company runs its own gambling sites as well as gives licenses to its strategic partners. The remarkable thing is that player can choose how to play: for free, for prizes or for money. The company elaborated the first Texas Hold’em game for either free or money with integrated PC and mobile game play.

Online Gambling Portal Keeping Pace with the Time Adds New Magazine Section

A new magazine section is introduced and existing info databases are extended by to meet the needs of gamblers ( In comparison with the time online gambling appeared, nowadays gamblers prefer to be better educated and trained to mere reliance on chance. With the expansion of the online gambling market players are getting more and more selective and demanding. They appreciate the accessibility of knowledge and the importance of a careful market survey. has always tried to supply their visitors with appropriate information. They do not stop and have again offered additional info services dealing with reviews of online casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms, bingo halls and sites providing online skill games. The news they daily supply their online readers with is always up-to-date, amusing and attractive. Moreover they have expanded their online magazine with game guides, and the latest game guide offered for the increasing poker community has been Texas Hold’em Poker strategy.

Tips and strategies of famous gambling experts such as craps masters Frank Scoblete and Larry Edell, slots guru Gayle Mitchell, blackjack expert Henry Tamburin and the popular writers John Grochowski, J. Phillip Vogel, and Bill Burton can be found in the latest addition to the online magazine – Gambling Articles section.

To Note: if you speak Spanish, all the reviews, news, guides, articles are also available in Spanish at G-Gambling extensive Spanish pages (