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More Details about how Consumers Pay Higher Bills with Natural Gas Competition. What is Worse: Odds

The Citizens Utility Board offers the service available for consumers at where they provide up-to-date comprehensive natural gas price analysis that is overseen monthly. According to the latest analysis issued on Monday by CUB a great deal of the unregulated natural gas suppliers’ offers are bad deals in comparison with utility rates. They are bad even in comparison with Nicor Gas and Peoples Energy who have set up extremely high prizes. As CUB executive Director David Kolata thinks that switching natural gas supplier you’ll sooner lose than save money on the gas bills. She thinks that while sitting at a real blackjack table you are more likely to win.     
The figures say: of 789 alternative natural gas plans having been marketed since 2003, 291 plans have already expired; 477 – are still in effect. Of the 291 expired plans the consumers lost money on 57% of them, while saved on only 37%. Of those plans in effect, it had cost the consumers 60% more to date.
In 21 cases a gas supplier has defaulted on contracts. Moreover, the majority of suppliers require from their customers to sign a contract for 1-5 years. According to the survey made in December 2004 less than 3% of the offers had saved money. The current analysis demonstrates that more plans have saved money. Probably that happened partly because some consumers had managed to lock in prizes before they increased and reached record levels.
The 2005 federal data state that some 161,000 customers have chosen an alternative gas supplier, and there are 8 firms participating in the programs “customer choice”. The rates offered by them are usually of two kinds: a fixed rate (for a period of one to five years) and a variable rate tied to an index changing monthly. The initial prize of both of them is practically always higher than the utility rates, and to make the offer pay off, the utility rate has to soar.
The Gas Market Monitor compares the rates customers paid on the pricing plans of the alternative gas suppliers with the actual rates offered by Nicor Gas, Peoples Gas, and North Shore Gas. The savings and loss figures are based on typical usage of 1,325 terms a year, allocated by monthly consumption. Offers still in effect were analyzed during February. The data received from the alternative gas suppliers comes monthly and it consists of the per term gas charge, monthly fees and some other charges, but it should be noted that government taxes and surcharges are not included.
Since opening of the gas market in northern Illinois it has become rather tempting for the alternative gas suppliers to use the same name and logo as the regulated utility company has, and some even renege on their fixed offers as their customers save too much.  Needless to say, that the prizes changing so rapidly and often cannot but affect customers, while the companies make fortunes with the help of their staff whose earnings depend on the number of customers they enroll. 

A Warrant for the Arrest of Internet Gaming Operator Garet Bradford of Issued by State

According the issued reports received by Home Gambling Network, Inc. (HGN) and MelMolnick, dated January, 20, 2006, a warrant for the arrest of Garet Bradford, a Gaming Operator, was issued and obtained by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The operator has been accused of running unlicensed gaming activities.
The investigation of the case has been carried out in close cooperation of the Nevada Gaming Control Board with the Department of Homeland security and the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement agencies.
It turned out that Garet Bradford being not licensed thus violating the state regulation ordinance and laws, maintained, ran an Internet sports pool known as where he accepted stakes on sporting events in person, over the telephone or throughout the Internet. He received money, property played, percentage or share either directly or indirectly, but again not having been licensed first.
The following information is the copy of the enforcement division issued by the NGCB and you are able to see it with your own eyes:
Case No. RCR 2006-026300 Dept No. 5
A category B Felony in Violation of NRS 463.160 (1) (a) And NRS 463.360
Garet Bradford did, without being properly licensed, deal, operate, carryon, conduct, maintain or expose for play in the State of Nevada an INTERNETsports pool under the name of Garet Bradford did accept wagers on sporting events by any system or method of wagering without first having procured, and thereafter maintaining in effect, all Federal, State, county and Municipal GAMING LICENSES as required by statute, regulation ordinance or by the governing board of any unincorporated town.
A category B Felony in Violation of NRS 463.160 (1) (d) And NRS 463.360
Garet Bradford did accept wagers in person, over the telephone or through the INTERNET, on sporting events by any system or method of wagering, and did receive, directly or indirectly, any compensation or reward or any percentage or share of the money or property played, for keeping, running or carrying on said sports pool, without first having procured, and thereafter maintaining in effect, all Federal, State, county and Municipal GAMING LICENSES as required by statute, regulation or ordinance or by the governing board of any unincorporated town.”

The Southern Tour to be continued by the TAFC

The VIPsports Top Alcohol Funny Car Team following a good season-opener at the 37th Annual AC Delco NHRA Gatornationals, has recently focused their attention on Bradenton, Florida and its NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Divisional race.

That is the second race in a four-race spring tour which ParkerTech Racing Services put together following the request of VIPsports – their sponsor. But that race is the first for the VIPsports Dodge Stratus at Bradenton Motosports Park. There’s no need to say how valuable this experience may be for such an ambitious team. Frank Parker, team owner, stated that the team of VIPsports enjoyed last year’s season, so they willingly agreed to extend their schedule and could not miss this chance to visit new tracks, build up more on-track data.
The qualifying events for the team took place at Motorsports Park on March, 24, 25 at 3 pm and 6 pm. As for alcohol elimination, it was carried out on the 26th of March at 1 pm. if you want to get some more information, download

Houston, Texas is the next stop on the VIPsports tour where the O’Reilly Spring Nationals will be held (March, 31 – April, 1). The final stop is expected to be in Las Vegas (April, 6-9). Throughout the tour VIPsports promises everyone up-to-date news from different social spheres, statistics, casino games and poker, horse racing and safe betting.

Silver Slipper Casino Makes its Debut Executive Chef and Fire Truck Grill at Forthcoming Barbecue Un

On the 25th of March at the Mississippi Gulf Coast the Gulf Coast Symphony’s Barbeque Under the Oaks fundraiser saw the debut of a new executive chef, David Lancaster, and a modified 1984 Mac fire truck grill made by Silver Slipper Casino executives. Having made this extraordinary decision they turned out to be sponsors of this annual event, thus letting everybody see their new fire truck equipped with a large smoker and grill and designed to serve large crowds, and taste their superb barbecue.

David’s responsibility at the event was to control what was going on, to help the cook and serve some barbecue chicken; smoked sausage, Jambalaya from the track. By the way, David Lancaster’s employment sheet may impress anybody. He has worked for Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada; Beau Rivage Hotel & Casino in Biloxi; the Copa Casino in Gulfport, Mississippi; for the Delta Downs Race Track Casino & Hotel in Vinton, Louisiana.

John N. Ferrucci, COO and GM of Silver Slipper Casino has mentioned, that it is in their plans to use this track for various charity events throughout the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Louisiana.

Online Poker Tournament Announced by

Weekly private poker free rolls and buy-in tournaments have been recently announced by The tournaments are said to be for the members only. As the co-owner of, an Online Poker Forum and Community for discussion about online poker and sports betting, Chane Steiner informed, the poker tournaments will take place on different poker sites. To take part in them you’ll have to download from These event are said to be getting more and more popular, and the turn out to improve gradually but steadily, with each event.

The buy-in varies from free of charge to $10.00 + $1.00. This weekly buy-in tournament is the only one which is private and regular, i.e. it is held every Thursday at 8 p.m. EST at Full Tilt. First, you are simply to log on to Full Tilt and then click on the “tournament” sign, and at last see the “private” tournaments (the password for them can be found at forum. Moreover, visiting our forum daily, you’ll be able to get the latest news.).

If you want to become our member, sign up for an account at and get pleasure from our FREE membership.

College Bargaining Team Keeping Students out of Classes

George Brown College’s Student Association disapproves the bargaining team’s demands for Final Offer Selection that arose as a result of faculty labor dispute in Ontario College. If the Ontario Public Employees Union’s (OPSEU) suggestion for “Voluntary Binding Arbitration” is not accepted by Ontario College management to stop the faculty strike, it will be obvious that the management does not think about students’ interests. Students are being unnecessarily kept out of classes and thus deprived of getting education.

Elected Vice President for the SA, graduating Agricultural student Nathan Sheils and elected Vice President Academic for the Student Association Dan Roffey wonder what message college managers send to the public and in particularly to the students who after the graduation will move into the unions of auto workers, educators, nurses, and many other labor movements with long and important historical background. Sheils and Roffey are completely convinced that Ontario college management’s behavior is nothing but demonstration of disregard for the collective bargaining process.

It does not matter whether a student will join unionized or unionized labor environment, the Student Association protects the rights of all college students. In any case it’s vital to understand the advantage of fair arbitration that makes possible to generate a compromised and just solution for both parties. Meanwhile such “fine” people responsible for our education offer a cruel process generating either a win or lose decision and which is called Final Offer Selection.

The above mentioned students are sure that it’s high time to stop gambling with their futures, and students should be returned to the classes, as education is not the thing to be taken lightly. In any case management pretending not to notice what is going on and their ostrich-like behavior won’t solve the problem. They should act!

The 2006 World Series of Poker

The ever largest world poker tournament will be held on the 28th of July, 2006 at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas, where over 8,000 poker players will be able to take part in the competition struggling for the chance to receive more than $7.5 million.

People who are fond of poker, no matter where they live have a splendid opportunity to qualify for a seat in the 2006 world poker tournament by taking part in online poker contests. The qualifying events will be held online at The cost of entrance runs as little as $7, but your probable award amounts to $12.500.

7 satellite tournaments a day will be held by . A winner in a daily tournament is sure to enter the weekly $58 event. The $530 online final tables will be held on Sunday, the 23rd of April and on Sunday, the 28th of May at
The buy-in cost to take part in the poker session in Las Vegas is $10.000, and your online participation in the qualifying events and winning a seat at can make your further participation in the tournament cheaper.

“Women’s Only” games is a new experience that and the World Series of Poker are going to undertake this year. Women’s qualifying events will be run online at . To start the female participants will have to pay only $3. 50, whereas the online final events prize package will make up $2500. (The 2006 tournament buy-in is $1000 worth, plus $1500 for travel, lodging and spending) Having won 8 weekly events women will proceed to the $270 online final tables that will be held on Sunday, the 16th of April and on Sunday, the 14th of May.

You can see how the competition looks, and start your progression to Las Vegas by taking part in daily qualifying events at
The information about the time and buy in limits fitting you is available in the Multi-Table Tournament Section online at

You can get some more information about other tournaments their held every day at Each day the prize package is $15,000 worth, and that sum in prize pools is guaranteed to be paid up without any delays to the poker players involved in these daily events.
There are plenty of amazing opportunities for you this year. Use them together with

Bingo Fantasy moves to Bingoland Network

Being successfully launched in 2001, having been successfully operated ever since, offering online bingo players superior games and jackpots, and looking for perfection Bingo Fantasy ( is currently moving to Bingoland Network thus upgrading its software. If to be exact, it is joining, and the advantages of such an action are obvious.

A number of improvements that Bingo Fantasy is facing up are: Bingoland Network’s Playtech splendid software, unbelievably big jackpots, friendly and dynamic online bingo community, numerous options for the players, the opportunity to house a “wider range of players with a wider range of tastes and wallet sizes”, different bingo halls with different flavors and prizes, better service of international players with the implementing of 90-ball bingo instead of the American 75-ball bingo, a great variety of built-in scratch cards, slots, multi-line, multi-reel progressives and video poker games, chat masters and chat games, and what else.

Bingo Fantasy was previously housed on the BingoWorkz Network. That cooperation gave Bingo Fantasy five great years, and of course they are thankful to the BingoWorkz Network for their perfect online gaming experience. Ever seeking for something new, they have dared to undertake this step forward, and they hope it will give their players even a better online bingo experience.

For more feedback information contact Bingo Fantasy via

About Bingo Fantasy

Bingo Fantasy ( was launched in 2001. It is owned and operated by Sea Gate N.V., licensed in Curacao. Since that time it has become a leading online bingo site possessing 4 bingo halls and a wide variety of bingo games, including classic American 75-ball bingo and 90-ball UK bingo, built-in scratch cards, slots, multi-line, multi-reel progressives and video poker games.

Bingo Fantasy has recently moved from BingoWorkz to the Bingoland network. It has switched over Playtech’s industry leading online bingo software.

3D Poker Software Launch announced in India by Yathay Ltd.

In March 22, 2006 announces traditional Indian Teen Patti games that are the most popular card games in India. The combination of Teen Patti with Texas Holdem and Omaha powered by Yatahay’s software and joined to the TruePoker Network is believed to be an enormous success.
It is necessary to add that Yatahay being in the gambling business since March, 2001 is always looking forward to the partnership like that. Offered by Yatahay poker products are available in 2-3 weeks after the agreement. Investors or marketers can deal with the expertise and offering their product to the poker players being of age. At the same time Yatahay provides all the rest, i.e. running the games, policing play, prizes and paying the players.

Yatahay’s 3D software is offered for real money gaming and promotional purposes, it is also available for one-off marketing campaigns and contests. Yatahay’a True Poker brand being the longest operating poker software, to join the True Poker Network has only recently become available for licensing.

World Trade Organization Ruling Ignored by U.S. Government

The U.S. Government is known to have outlawed online casino and sports betting and implemented legislation prohibiting U.S. banks and Internet service providers to offer any financial services to online bettors and the casino sites. Such gambling revenue dependant islands like Antigua and Barbuda are going to face up the destruction of their economies.

In accordance with the WTO online gambling ruling the U.S. Government’s decision violates the world trade agreement. As a result the U.S. government has been given time to regulate their legislation, but with April 3, 2006 deadline approaching, the situation still remains vague.
The director of marketing at Marianne Anderson believes that the U.S. Government’s inclination to influence gambling industry is a trick to protect its own tax revenues from the outflow of gambling money.

The Ambassador from Antigua and Barbuda, Dr. John W. Ashe, shares this opinion and is sure that thus having ignored the WTO agreement and offered the “Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2005” and the “Internet Gambling Prohibition Act” it will obviously increase the tension between the WTO and the countries involved.

Marianne’s opinion is that disrespecting the WTO decisions and prohibiting the U.S. citizens to bet online and to take part in different sports betting activities, the USA is likely to experience worldwide sanctions against it. Such a situation will damage the economy much more than “some missed gambling revenues”.

Still the situation remains unclear.