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Gov. Doyle has No Excuses for not Signing AB 461?

The reason for not signing AB 461, according to the reports of the Governor’s office is that it “violates federal law”. AB 46 is to arrive on Gov. Doyle’s desk for reconsideration. This cannot but make you be puzzled.  The Spokesperson for the previously supportive Doyle commented: “He has looked at this issue more carefully since becoming a governor”. The question is whether when Jim Doyle when being Wisconsin’s Attorney General looked at this issue carefully. Speaking to the US Supreme Court, he said: “Members of the Wisconsin Legislature, as representatives of citizens, should reclaim the power to ratify or negotiate gaming compacts”.

Brian J. Nemoir, Executive Director of Enough! said: “It is incredible to believe that then Attorney General Doyle testified before Congress on behalf of the people of Wisconsin without ‘carefully considering’’ his testimony. “Did the nearly $1 million in tribal money as well as a fact-finding mission at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut — the tribe partnering with the Menominee Tribe on the Kenosha Casino — help clarify this issue for him?”

Some True facts:

It has been admitted that AB 461 does not violate federal law. A recent court case, Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin v. United States, 367 F. 3d 650, 665 (7th Cir. 2004), validated that the Legislature can have a role. The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals held:

Additionally, the Governor of Wisconsin’s power to respond to the Secretary of the Interior’s request for concurrence is not without a check in the Wisconsin Legislature. Indeed, on two occasions, the Wisconsin Legislature has attempted to cut down the Governor’s power to concur. See 1999 Wis. Act 9, sec. 7(q), and 2003 Assembly Bill 144. Although the Legislature did not override the Governor’s veto of either bill, the Wisconsin Constitution provides a mechanism for the Legislature to do so. See Wis. Const. Art. 5 sec. 10(2) (a).

“Of course, a governor’s power remains fully subject to state law, including limits imposed by the state legislature: if a legislature desires to place strictures on the governor’s communications with the Secretary, it is free to do so within the limits of applicable state law”, Wisconsin Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager on behalf of Gov. Doyle said in support of the Court’s finding. In fact, the power of a governor remains fully subject to state law. If a legislature desires criticize governor’s communications with the Secretary, it’s free to do so within the limits of applicable state law.

The impartial Wisconsin Council, in fact, has recently concluded that AB 461 would not violate the federal law.

Gov. Doyle! Enough excuses for not signing AB 461! Either remain consistent or admit by vetoing the bill that your position has been changed, not for any legal or policy reasons, but because of undue impact!

Enough! is a growing and diverse grassroots coalition opposed to the expansion of off-reservation gambling in Wisconsin. For more information please contact Brian J. Nemoir, Executive Director at 608.268.6777 or visit: .

New Survey on Internet Gamblers Taken by AGA

The American Gaming Association (AGA) is the national trade association for the commercial casino industry. In addition to representing the interests of its members on federal legislative and regulatory issues, the AGA serves as a clearing house for information, develops educational and advocacy programs, and provides leadership on industry-related issues of public concern. According to the 2006 survey, taken by it, a typical US online gambler is in his early 30s, college educate, male, rather well-off. Besides that the survey tells that for the first time ever the US commercial casino industry in 2005 generated more than $ 30 billion in gross gaming revenues.
Peter D. Hart, Research Associates, Inc., whilst conducting the survey on Internet Gamblers came to the following results: the popularity of online gambling has increased what is proved by the fact that 70% of gamblers started gambling online within the last 2 years. It should be noted that the US gamblers find online gambling enjoying, but 55% are sure that online gaming teams cheat them this or that way. 46% believe that their fellow players cheat. The fact that 19% respondents realize that the activity is illegal in the US bring confusion about it.

Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr., president and CEO of the AGA admits: “Even though our member companies currently aren’t involved in the online gaming market, and the overall percentage of Americans who gamble online is relatively small, there’s no doubt this issue has captured the attention of the media, members of Congress and the American public”.

The survey has also shown the influence of the US commercial casino industry on the national and state level, its increasing popularity in spite of the tremendous damages brought by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Thus, last year 455 commercial casinos in 11 states generated $ 30.29 billion in gross gaming revenue – that is a 5% increase in comparison with the year of 2004. For the first time in their history Las Vegas gaming revenues were more than $ 6 billion, and Atlantic City revenues surpassed $ 5 billion. Such huge sums of money can’t but indicate the fact of better employment opportunities in the areas where casinos operate. 354,000 employees wages total more than $ 12, 6 billion (benefits and tips are included). State and local governments get tax revenue from the industry that makes up $4, 92 billion (in comparison with the year of 2004 the sum has increased for 5%).

Racetrack casinos could not but be noticed due to their growing economic impact. The 29 operational racetrack casinos in 9 states generated $ 3, 12 billion in gross gaming revenue (in 2004 that sum was 9% less). 17000 people were employed by racinos in 2005, and state and local governments got $ 1, 28 billion in direct gaming taxes.

“This year’s survey confirms that the U.S. commercial casino industry has continued to grow despite the significant obstacles of the past year, and has become an integral component of America’s entertainment culture. With reconstruction along the Mississippi Gulf Coast continuing at a rapid pace and new gaming markets expected to come online later this year, we look forward to even greater success this year,” – Fahrenkopf said.

The poll has shown the still increasing popularity of poker. The reasons for playing poker, that is the opportunity to spend time with friends and family, as well as strategy and skills required by the game have also been stated in the poll. Poker revenues are said to have increased too. Nevada and New Jersey, the only commercial casino states, have witnessed an amazing 37% increase of poker revenues if to compare with the year of 2004.

Some others results of the survey are: nearly 80% of respondents have said that gambling is acceptable for everyone; 83% of respondents regard gambling as a question of personal choice; 72% of respondents view casinos as an indispensable part of their entertainment and tourist options.

To get the complete account of the survey results please visit

Weekly Online Blackjack Tournament Announced by

Available hours to join the tournament are from 9 a.m. eastern through 9 p.m. eastern. Rules: players have up to 500 hands to win the largest amount of money. For example, if a player thinks he has the most amount of money after 50 hands, he/she should stop playing at that point.

Blackjack tournament, is their recently announced 5 million dollar Barcelona poker tournament, and their eventual Las Vegas casino opening demonstrate that they are everyone’s next favorite online gambling destination, getting its place as leading online sports book.
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An Award for the Work with the St. Louis Community is Received by Pinnacle Entertainment

Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: PNK) received its 2006 award at a ceremony hosted by County Executive Charlie Dooley. The award has been given in recognition of Pinnacle’s tight collaboration with lots of government agencies and the Lemay community in south St. Louis County. This is the place where the company is carrying out its $ 375 million project of constructing River City (SM) Casino & Hotel entertainment complex.  Besides, the company is planning to build a new access road from Interstate 55 to its Lemay site. This project is believed to motivate and encourage additional investment and economic activity in the area. And there is a third project: to construct a multi-million dollar community center for the Lemay area.

It is planned to open the River City Casino in 2008. The variety of entertainments services it will offer is really great: 3000 slot machines, 60 table games, 100-guestroom hotel, full-service spa, restaurants, a boutique boiling alley, a multiplex movie theatre, an indoor ice rink, extensive retail and entertainment space, and a public park with athletic fields and a hatch-shell music and entertainment venue.

Gaming Partners Announces its Complete Installation of Equipment at Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa

Being a leading manufacturer and supplier of casino table game equipment under the Paulson, Bud Jones and B & G brands, Gaming Partners International Corporation (Nasdaq: GPIC) has recently completed the setting up of the equipment at the newly opened Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa, Station Casinos’ 15th property in Southern Nevada. It has provided the casino with chips, including RFID chips and readers, colorful graphic layouts, dice, and custom made accessories.

RFID chips have proved to be able to improve chip security and verify chip transactions. Thus they have been adopted by several Station Casino properties. No doubt, the merits of the chips are the traditional weight and already recognized quality.

Bill Petuskey, director of casino operations at Red Rock Casino commented: “GPI was the perfect choice for producing the Table Games at Red Rock. The quality of their product is exceeded only by the performance of their staff. A special thank you to Pat Butrico for his time and attention to detail”.

Pat Butrico, sales manager for the Las Vegas area said: “Station Casinos’ and GPI share the same philosophy of personalized service and quality that made our collaboration so successful. We are very proud to have been a part of this innovative, unique casino, and that we were selected for our state-of-the-art products as well as for our unmatched service”.

Now you can make sure that Red Rock Casino and Spa offer main and pool area gaming pits, poker and high limit rooms, with 87 state-of-the-art tables, matching the decoration of the casino area.

First Legend of Poker Satellite Winner Announced by Everest Poker

The World Poker Tour will take place in August 26-30, 2006 at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles. Having held the first of four Direct Entry Satellites for the Legends of Poker on the 13th of May, Everest Poker is ready to announce the first winners. Thus, Everest Poker Player rosco1963 will receive a prize running as high as $ 7,500. The Italian player will have his $ 5,150 seat paid for by Everest Poker and he will get $ 2, 350 in spending money.

Jonathan May, Everest Poker’s Property Manager claims that it a big thrill for them to send players to the Legends of poker, as they do it for the first time. He adds: “This old and established tournament is the only WPT event where bounties are put on famous professionals. It’s a great opportunity for someone to make a name for themselves even if they don’t win, by knocking out a famous poker player”.

So there are three Legends of Poker Direct Entry Satellites left. They will be held on June 10, July 8, and August 5. Besides these tournaments, now Everest Poker is also featuring such satellite tournaments for the following poker events:
1. The Everest Poker European Championship, an exclusive Everest Poker event taking place September 9, 2006, in Barcelona, Spain
2. The Grand Prix de Paris, a World Poker Tour event taking place June 12-16, 2006, at the Aviation Club de France in Paris, France
3. The World Series of Poker Main Event, taking place July 28 – August 10, 2006, at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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All Military Card Carrying Personnel Will Enter the Memorial Day Weekend $ 10,000 Poker Tournament at Normandie Casino

Normandie Casino which is located 15 minutes East of LAX at 1045 W. Rosecrans Avenue in the City of Gardena will offer a free entry to all Military Carrying personnel to enter the Memorial Day Weekend $ 10,000 Poker tournament. The event will take place on the 26th of May, at 10 p.m. The casino appreciates those who have defended the country, that’s why the event will be held to honor the military services.

At the moment the casino offers a huge and various list of games: “Pure Blackjack” (Vegas Style, Natural pays 3:2, Double Down, Split, Surrender, 52 cards per deck, nothing wild and no jokers), Texas Hold’em, Card Craps, 3 Card Poker, Live Video Blackjack, Pai Gow Poker, Pai Gow Tiles and Baccarat.

The casino is open day and night, all year round. It features Miller’s Sport’s Bar & Lounge, Cafe Michelle’s Restaurant, Sandi’s Snacks and live entertainment in its Club 1045. For more information, please call (310) 352-3400 or (800) 9 Winner or visit Normandie Casino website at:

Whichpoker – the Free Online Statistics Site Assessing Poker Rooms

This site is considered to be the only one offering free service. It offers access to worldwide poker game data with real time statistics. is the site that explains not only the difference between Texas Holdem and 7 Card Stud, but it also cares about the confidence of online poker players. The site possesses the database of online poker tournaments. The information available here is supplied by the world’s leading poker rooms. As the practice has shown, this information is 100% reliable and 100% of the time what is proved by the fact that extracts information every ten minutes, analyzes and reviews it, and then stores. provides poker players with very special but at the same time useful things like possibility for visitors to search for any game, tournament they want, check out the hottest tables, the time up to the minute poker starts, etc. Besides that, the site has a detailed poker rules and beginners section for the players to sharpen their skills online.

Be sure, you are always welcome at This is the site that will become your source of poker various information. Surf the Internet for and keep being informed!

Kari Bunting, Casino Slots Player, Won $ 200,000 with Only One Spin

Playing in online casinos for about two years and a half, Kari Bunting won for the first time, immediately having become $ 200,000 richer. How did it happen? She played the Desert Treasure Jackpot Slots. She managed in an hour of playing to collect three icons that allowed her to access the bonus feature where the top prize was the $200,000 jackpot.

Actually she plays at three online casinos, but she really likes playing at BetWWTS as they offer a list of various games that are not offered by other sites. All that, according to Kari’s opinion, makes BetWWTS unique.

Here what she has told: “I knew the chance was there for some big money when I got to the bonus.But when all five of the icons matched up, I was just completely shocked. I was amazed when three icons matched, but then when all five had the same female icon, I just could not believe it”.
Kari was not the only person who was excited. The BetWWTS office was excited too. The reason for that is very simple: non-progressive wins like Kari’s are less frequent and very exciting. BetWWTS casino manager Andy Bell admitted that Bunting’s jackpot win is one of the largest that BetWWTS has ever paid out.

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Ron Johnson, Executive Vice President of Gaming Operations and President of Riviera Black Hawk Resigned

As it has been announced by Riviera Holdings Corporation (AMEX: RIV) Ron Johnson resigned for personal reasons on May 16, 2006.

Chief Executive Officer William L. Westerman has been appointed to Johnson’s position as President of Riviera Black Hawk, Inc. Westerman being already the head admitted: “We appreciate Ron’s 15 years of dedication and service to the Company, especially his contribution to the development of our successful Black Hawk Casino, and wish him well on his future endeavors”.