PartyPoker and Poker Academy’s Agreement Aimed to Improve Players’ Game

PartyPoker, the largest poker room, and Poker Academy, the leading Texas Holdem poker software developer (, have signed an agreement. Thanks to it the players of will be able to improve their playing skills while training.

In accordance with one of the points in the agreement PartyPoker had to implement a new “Poker Trainer” supported by Academy’s revolutionary poker trainer software which hade been worked out by a group of experts at the University of Alberta. Thanks to the new technology the players are able to play against the computer rivals in real-time format at a play money trainer table thus improving their skills and applying immediately to practice. No risk is taken!

Poker Trainer is characterized by the following features:
– three levels: for beginners, intermediate and experienced;
– possibility to choose the number of players you’d like to play against;
– “Hand Evaluator” activated as you play a hand. It informs you of its value, chances to win (percentage), and the pot odds;
– an advisor function complementing the “Hand Evaluator” directs you toward your best moves for each hand, i.e. fold, bet, call, raise;
– the results coming from your performance on the trainer (hands, hands played, hands won, win rate) are available on “Session Stats”;
– part of the free software is downloadable.

That is what Warren Lush of PartyPoker has said: “If you’re new to poker, the ins and outs of the game can sometimes seem overwhelming. What’s more, trying to psyche out your opponents while calculating the odds in a split second is a tall order – even for seasoned pros. That’s why a new Poker Trainer was added to PartyPoker’s free software package, powered by the most advanced poker training software at the market. Using our Poker Trainer, players will soon have the skills and confidence to stay on top of Texas Hold’em, the most popular version of poker played online”.

As far as you have understood, the Poker Trainer is not aimed to train only the beginners. It is for every poker admirer who looks forward to improving his playing skills, especially if a poker event is approaching.
For more detailed Poker Trainer information go to PartyPoker.

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