Crandell Addington: “Poker is a Microcosm of Life”

Crandell Addington is reported to have participated in a forum, “Poker: A Game of Truth in Life and Law,” by Harvard Law Professor Charles Nesson. Nesson, an advocate of poker as a means of teaching valuable entrepreneurship and life skills such as strategic thinking, geopolitical analysis, risk assessment and money management. Professor has recently founded the Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society.

Addington founded an oil and gas exploration company and ran it for more than 30 years and is currently chairman of Gold Reef International, Inc., a Canadian public company, which he co-founded, focused on precious metals exploration. He is also CEO and chairman of Phoenix Biotechnology, Inc., another company he co-founded, which is developing a novel and promising cancer drug. As for poker, he has been a finalist of the WSOP’s main event seven times. He is a member of the Poker Hall of Fame.

In Addington’s opinion, he is a successful businessman thanks to his experience as a high-stakes poker player. He is sure that rapid strategic shifts and tactical implementations are common for both business and poker. He thinks that “successful players in poker and business must identify their preferred outcome and use their skills to affect that outcome. That’s why poker is a game of skill, not chance as many people mistakenly believe”.

“Crandell Addington had a simple message for Harvard University law students, faculty and others: Poker is a microcosm of life, and good players make their own luck in both arenas”.

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