Police Raids in Online Casino Bodog.com CEO’s House

Filming a party by Online casino Bodog.com CEO Calvin Ayre was upset by the unexpected arrival of policemen who seemed to believe that an illegal casino poker night session was taking place at Ayre’s mansion in Costa Rico. The behavior of the policemen left much to be desired and everything what was going on could be compared with some cruel scenes from a detective movie. In fact a filmed party was just a part of a poker tournament that according to the arranged schedule should be broadcast by a TV network. Fortunately nobody was arrested, only some things were confiscated such as a laptop and several files with organizational material.
The reason for the court-ordered raid might be constant gossip in local press concerning Canada’s newest forty four year old billionaire, Calvin Ayre. Probably one thought couldn’t leave journalists in peace: how could a person being only 44 years old make such a huge fortune? That paranoid thought lead to a not less paranoid idea of Ayre’s constant organizations of illegal casino sessions. As a result police raids were not a success, for gambling parts of a poker show were filmed at a local TV station, but not in Ayre’s mansion.

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