Poker Stars’ Big Sunday Millions Event and its Latest Record

There is no need to prove that poker is very popular with the players. The facts and figures speak for themselves. Thus, last Sunday practically 11 000 players participated in the Big Sunday Millions event held by Poker, the world’s largest poker site. It has been recognized as a new all-time attendance record.

The prize-pool was equal to $2.4 million. During the game the 10 billionth hand took place, and to flag it, Poker Stars management added extra $250 000. This cold not but encourage new players to enter the game. It took 11 hours to play down to one big winner.

An online poker player from Newark, New Jersey, became that winner. He won $187 000. It was the first time he became a winner. He had never finished higher than 8th in a tournament held by Poker Stars. And now he has something to celebrate.

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