Launch of Face Up Hold’em – a Play-Along TV Poker Show

The project belongs to Two Way TV and MiXTV Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Zone4Play, Inc (“Zone4Play” or the “Company”) (OTCBB: ZFPI.OB), and Poker Zone Television. The Play-along TV poker show will be run under the Winner Channel found at They will broadcast the two-hour program on Sky’ Poker Zone TV channel daily.

During the broadcast of the show Texas Hold’em is played live, and at the same time viewers are able to predict who will win at the start of every round. To make the process of predictions easier viewers may get to see the mathematical strength of each player’s hand. Moreover, the game is supposed to be commented by Poker Zone TV’s pundits. Interaction is carried out with the help of IVR, so home players are able to bet on the result of each game for real money.

Managing director of Poker Zone TV Jim Sibcy admits: “Face Up Hold’Em adds a new dimension to poker programming – it’s educational for players, and it offers everyone at home the chance of playing along for real money. We think this is a great addition to our channel”.

Two Way TV’s chief executive officer Jean de Fougerolles adds: “The TV show is a great piece of entertainment for all types of poker players. By showing the strength of each hand as the game is played, even seasoned players will learn a thing or two… You just don’t get this in regular poker shows”.

Cario, Founder and CEO of MIXTV Ltd., is sure that their unique poker game will be popular with Poker Zone TV viewers as “innovation, usability and entertainment are the essential ingredients of any successful betting TV show”.
Two Way TV and Zone4Play offer as part of The Winner Channel complete gaming network, betting products on mobile phones and the internet. This new deal came after the last week’s news that Endemol UK had granted the rights to create and run a betting format on the Winner Channel based on Channel 4’s game show Deal or No Deal. In May an exclusive partnership was announced with Teletext by the Winner Channel. Other affiliates of The Winner Channel are Flextech TV, Channel 4 and Mad4Games.

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