Harrah’s Gets DEQ’s License

Harrah’s Operating Company, Inc. is reported to have been granted a national patent license by DEQ Systems Corp. Now, DEQ’s G3™ and G3™ related intellectual property can be used in more than 40 casinos in the USA. The first casinos to adopt it are the Paris ® Las Vegas Hotel & Casino and Bally’s ® Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. But first it must be approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

As Gerry Tuthill, Harrah’s Vice President Table Games admits, one of the reasons to choose   the G3™ is its “capability to drive new and incremental revenue growth”. No wonder DEQ’s product has outperformed competition in more than 30 countries.

There are several features that make the G3™ different: it can be installed on any table game such as Poker Blackjack and Baccarat; it possesses extensive reporting and performance data, electronic rake and collection fees, multimedia animation and sound effects. Its Side Betting and Table Game Bonusing System enhances table games with such features as Random Jackpot Prizes, Mystery Prizes, Multiple Bet side betting, and Dealer Hand side betting.

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