Gambling as a Nation’s Health Issue

The world’s economy, politics are not the only ones that seem to have changed. Gambling has changed as well. How would an artist picture gambling dozens of years ago? That would be wiry hounds in action. What can be seen now, is slot machines.

What is going on in the nation? There are a lot of debates concerning the rapid growth of the number of casinos and their huge impact on gambling addiction. At the same time slot machines may be brought to nine sites in Ohio in case they are endorsed. This may cause, as some studies suggest, an increase in gambling addiction, especially in the areas being close to casinos.

The researchers consider gambling addiction to be not only a personal financial problem, but a national health issue as well. It may be compared with drug or alcohol addiction, as it equally affects addicts’ families, jobs, health. Heather Chapman, a nationally certified gambling counselor in the Cleveland area says that “people become so involved with it; they lose themselves and lose being responsible in their lives”. Heather adds that “It has a higher degree of suicide than any other addiction, and the degree of financial devastation is so much greater than any other addiction or any other mental health issue”.

What is more dangerous: less quick forms of wagering or slot machines? It is difficult to say. But the thing to be noticed is that slot machines are more accessible what makes them totally insidious. You drop in a coin. As a result you may receive a small payout or near win. It cannot but reinforce the game.

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