Atlantis – a New Interactive Slot Machine

The poker society has lately witnessed the launch of the most entertaining interactive slot machine Atlantis released by Everest Casino, the world class online gaming site.

The slot machine is completely different from those many casinos possess. Atlantis carries the players away. The players take on the role of a First Officer in an 18th century undersea exploration vessel. While traveling the explorers meet exotic and mystic sea creatures, artifacts, unbelievable treasures.

The merits of the new slot machine are evident: a great theme-inspired audio program, realistic sound effects, three dimensional characters and scenes – like a video game, and even more! Atlantis has three Bonus Rounds: The Seahorse Derby, Obelisk and Treasure Hunt bonus games. This is actually the first slot machine that allows its players to have more fun playing them and winning more coins. There is also a series of hidden interactive graphics place in the background of the machine’s bonus rounds which being revealed, enable players to win free bonus chips.

About Bonus Rounds:

The Seahorse Derby Bonus Round presents a seahorse race. When picking a horse that finishes 1st, 2nd or 3rd, you’ll get pay-out prizes. Other prizes are a shutout and mega-prize, prizes for Win, Place and Show. Playing Seahorse Derby players can win up to 112,200 coins.

The Obelisk Bonus Round is a magic obelisk with 5 rows of mystic runes. The players have to pick them correctly in order to win a prize and make the next row active. In case of an incorrect pick, you may get a prize but the game is over, and players can win up to 99,000 coins.

The Treasure Hunt is presented as a labyrinth of inter-connected rooms. Being inside, players have to explore the rooms to collect as much treasure as they can before they’re trapped, eaten or sent through the exit to finish the game. Players can win up to 200,000 coins in this Bonus Round.

Jennifer Joyce, VP of Marketing for Affiliated Web Attractions, Everest Casino’s affiliate program says that they are “thrilled with the results of this exciting new game”. He added: “We’re constantly searching for new and exciting ways to improve our players’ enjoyment. Slot machines are one of our most popular games but Atlantis’ eye-catching features add a touch of fantasy to our range of online casino features”.

Atlantis is planned to launch on the 15th of September, 2006 on Everest Casino. The game will be available in 14 different languages.

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