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Online poker is rather popular nowadays and it makes billion fortunes for the cyber casinos and their owners, jackpots are growing in spite of the fact that today its legality is being doubted and discussed in the USA. In case you are seeking for a poker game there’s no problem as plenty of sites run their gambling business day and night all year round. It doesn’t matter where you live in. Simply acquire a computer and surf the Internet. Be sure you’ll find a poker game on the Internet 24/ 7.

Online poker is rather popular as there is an opportunity to play and to bet at any time, there is no need to wear a dinner-jacket, and it presents a splendid chance to spend your spare time even not leaving the house. That’s why seeing Josh Savilisky at home but being completely sober, clean and wearing trousers was pleasant.

Having two part-time jobs he manages to play Internet poker approximately six hours a day. He is just a usual waiter at work, lonely at home since he is a bachelor, but as soon as he logs on to and becomes one of the 30 poker players in Texas Hold’Em tournament. He is an amateur international gambler known as Crossmen04 whose different game was made famous by different channels such as BRAVO (“Celebrity Poker Showdown” program), The Travel Channel (“World Poker Tour”), and cable television ESPN (the World Series of Poker).

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About Mark Newman

Mark Newman - was born in 1971 in Pictou, a town located on the beautiful Northumberland Shore of Nova Scotia, Canada. In 1998 he graduated from Acadia University (Nova Scotia, Wolfville) with the Master’s degree in social studies. Mark simply adores his wife and sons. Considers poker to be one of the most exquisite kinds of art and rarely misses his chance of practicing.