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Carmine Dutrow – was born and spent her entire life in Kentucky, USA. She never planned to move and in 2000 she made up her mind to enter Kentucky State University where she studied for three years in the College of Art and Social Sciences. Carmine’s Dad and elder brother, both ardent gamblers, became the first teachers and companions of the girl in playing poker. Today she can hardly imagine her holiday without a visit to a casino.

Tax on Revenues to Help Cover Budget Needs

After severe criticism, the Cyprian government has slowed down on attempts to block online casinos. However, there are reports saying that the government has announced a new tax program requiring all Cyprian gamblers to pay higher taxes on their winnings.

No doubt the Cyprian government has found a perfect way to collect more money for the country’s budget. According to the new policies, a Cyprian gambler who has won money gambling online will have to claim these winnings on their personal taxes as a source of income. Previously, online casinos paid out winnings without reporting winners to the government. Now, it is clear, that the winners who have not registered their winnings will face numerous fines and penalties.

Will There Be Room for Online Gambling in USA and Australia?

The global public expressed their support of online casino gambling industry. Despite still existing objections, people in Australia, USA and other countries would like full legalization and regulation of online casinos. The problem is the public’s opinion hasn’t been heard yet, and it looks like governments are afraid that online casinos will overshadow the land gambling industry.

European online gambling market is well developed and regulated. Of course, it is not perfect yet, but they work hard to make online gambling as safe as possible for players. They do their best in monitoring sites and licensing practices in EU countries. It is a fact already that lots of interest has been shifted to the online casinos, however, lots of EU gambling companies observe high levels of land gambling.

Definitely, the US and Australia should look toward Europe in terms of online casino gambling industry development.

New Release from Playtech

Playtech is releasing 5 new online casino games this July. All of the games a five reel video slots.

The first game, called the Archer is based on the legend of Robin Hood. Numerous symbols and 243 ways to win the slots game make it really exciting.

Another games, Rocky Slots, is a 5-reel slots game  with 25 paylines, excellent graphics and interactive bonus round.

The next game is Pharaoh’s Secret. It features different symbols like pyramids, underground passages and scarab beetles. To increase players’ winnings, Playtech added here an Xtra Win factor and a bonus round.

The fourth on the list is Discovery, a five reel 20 payline slots game based on the theme of Christopher Columbus along with the theme of Princess Pocahontas. Wild symbol, scatters, free spins and multipliers make the game distinct and exciting.

Punisher War Zone it the final game on the list. The five reel 20 payline slots game features Marvel Comic characters, wild symbols, scatters, free spins and multipliers. The game has a progressive jackpot.

Demographics Change at Online Casinos

The online casino gambling market is constantly growing and developing. No wonder that its demographic pattern changes too.

According to the recent studies, now, a much larger percentage of female, as well as elderly people are enjoying the internet gambling sites as a way to communicate when it is impossible to leave the house. The research demonstrates that 72% of the players are over 40. This information is to be taken really carefully by the casinos so that they could adjust their game topics and themes to the needs of the prevailing demographics.

Is Your Payment Processing Company Secure?

The FIFA World Cup betting this year is believed to reach the largest betting figures in the history of gambling. It comes from the integration of land, mobile and online casino gambling. So, it is evident that gamblers can find numerous places to bet, however, the main issue now is the processing of the bets – reliable companies processing payments.

Neovia is a company widely offered throughout the global online casino gambling and betting industry, as one of the most secure companies processing transactions and keeping personal data safe. This year Neovia is a choice #1 for the World Cup online casino bettors.

The Philippine Gaming Market Gains Strength

PhilWeb Corp, a company operating the bulk of all legal online casino gambling in the Philippines, is reporting good profit and growth for the first quarter of the year. The Q1 profits have shown a 42% increase over the same quarter last year.

PhilWeb has been doing incredibly well this year, and mainly thanks to the games at Pagcor – one of the largest gaming companies powered by PhilWeb. As a result, the two companies have manages to create a strong subsector of the market. In addition to that, new PEGS café operations launch games throughout the Philippines attracting new players and bringing new revenue.

PhillWeb is expecting the profits to grow throughout the year of 2010 and likely over the next several years as well.

White Label Platform for Beast’s Network

The Beast Gaming Group is about to offer a white label poker site to the European market (the final stages of preparation are in the process now).

Beast has been looking for high quality gaming platform for quite a while and has finally found one white label platform designed by Intelimax. The platform allows great flexibility.

Beast Gaming hopes that their existing online casino players will respond well to the new internet poker platform.

Safety And Fair Gambling

Boss Media, a Swedish based gambling and betting group, is the latest gambling group to have been certified by eCOGRA. Certification of Boss Media means safety for the players gambling at the online casinos powered by Boss Media software and the International Poker Network.

Safe and fair gambling experience is a result of several months’ thorough testing and examination of the group. A Seal of Approval by eCOGRA means even a stronger place in the online casino gambling industry for Boss Media, the group that has already been popular with the players.

Ayre through the Eyes of CTV

The Canadian television programming is now expressing more interest in online casino gambling industry. CTV, the country’s newly launched station, provides coverage of major tournaments in the internet poker industry, makes announcements from online casinos and does investigative journalism.

CTV’s first investigative program is dedicated to Calvin Ayre, a well known person in the gambling industry who made his name through a number of controversial events and run-ins with the US market. The program covers Ayre’s relationship with the Mohawk tribe, how he managed to make his way out of serious fines and domain seizures, history and development of the Bodog brand.

Watching the program, you won’t find anything new or shocking, but a fair and decent look at Ayre’s personality.

New Partnership Opens New Opportunities

Having signed a sponsorship deal with BoyleSports, the leading Irish bookmaker, is now able to provide their viewers with various exciting gambling information and bookmakers with the opportunity to communicate with a large audience of bettors and sports enthusiasts.

The logo of BoyleSports will appear on studio backdrops and graphics what will result for sure in significant contribution of odds and markets to running live for two hours six days a week.