Monthly Archives: December 2010

New Games for iPad Users

With the appearance of iPad, a new industry dedicated to the creation of software, tools, games and online casino consoles for iPad appeared as well. Before, the software could be downloaded into the Apple gaming system only, but with the time the restrictions changed.

The large screen of iPad gives players more flexibility and convenience in playing online casino games, and that fact has been effectively used by Jackpot City that released a new gambling application especially designed for iPad, The game can be downloaded for free without any registration.

The new set of online casino iPag games includes baccarat and blackjack, and Mega Moolah and Tomb Raider slot games.

Can Australia Ban Demand for Gambling?

The Federal Families Minister of Australia, Jenny Macklin, has aired cocerns regarding the growing availability of online casinos and other instruments for wagering, as well as the growing demand for online gambling as a form of entertainment.

According to the statistics provided by The Courier-Mail, Australians will spend as much as $1 billion on online casino gambling this year alone. And the Minister fears that this could result in a large scale problem throughout the country.

As the Australians choose offshore-based sites to circumvent banning for their entertainment, they get bigger problems because there is no protection of privacy for the customers as well as out-of control gambling by players.

At the moment the federal gambling is still insisting on continuation of online gambling ban.

Denmark Playing Law Games?

The planned openning of the Danish gambling industry to the world is postponed til the summer of 2011 after the protest regarding recommended rate of taxes and an annual fee of between €7,000 and €200,000.

Right now, online casinos and other gambling companies are not really sure about the start-off day, and as a result they had to temporarily terminate their operation for another six months before the actual start-off.

It needs to be mentioned that the tax rate has been filed during the idle period, however, the review by the European Commission has ceased. Denmark’s Minister for Taxation, who believes that the country has been acting in accordance with the European Union Law regarding the draft legislation, is going to the headquarters of the European Commission in hope resolve the tax problem.

So far, Danske Spil has been enjoying the advantage it has now over other entrants.