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Advertising in the UK – Navigating the New Rules for Gambling Services

Clarion Gaming, the leading gambling publisher and events organizer, has published the report tilted “Advertising in the UK – Navigating the New Rules for Gambling Services”. The report gives an explanation of the new rules and regulations covering advertising by approved UK facing online casinos and betting sites. Besides, the report enlists the companies who may advertise and what is acceptable for each company to advertise. In addition to covering the new online casino advertising policies and regulations, the report provides data regarding the UK population and a chartered analysis of how technologies are penetrating the UK public.

With online gambling regulated in the UK under the 2005 Gambling Act, Clarion’s report has been issued at the right time to highlight business opportunities for the gambling market.

You can purchase the report on Clarion’s website (it is delivered by email). Clarion gaming can also provide you with a free twelve-page executive summary of the report.

Will They Regulate Dutch Casino Gaming Market?

According to the Dutch government, Unibet and Dutch firm Oranje Casino are running illegitimate websites in Holland, and consequently they are to be eradicated in the course of a new campaign. There are also other names of firms that are on the list of targets.

To offer gambling services in the Netherlands, the company should get a permit. Now, there is only one company with the permit to offer internet-based services – De Lotto, Holland’s state-run sweepstake. So, it means that other companies break the law.

In February the Netherlands got a final legal warning about the regulation of the casino gaming market.

Texas Holdem overview

Texas Holdem is a relatively new member of the poker family. At the same time one of the most popular varieties in last years.

The game

In Texas HoldEm you get two cards, the other player does not see. Five cards on the board with the front will top several times. They are community cards that all players can use to a five-card poker together.

To the best hand, you can either use your both Hole / hole cards together with the three community cards on the board, or a hole card with four community cards or simply all five community cards.

The player who has the highest poker hand can win the pot.


Texas Holdem is played with blinds. Before the cards are treated the first two post players on the left of the dealer a small and largely blind to an incipient pot.

The dealing

If the blinds have been announced, each player is dealt two hole cards – face down.

Then, the first bet, starting with the player on the left side of the Great Blind

The flop

If the first bet is to be three cards, face down on top of the table. They are “The flop?.

Then the second betting, starting with the first player to the left of the dealer, still in his hand.

The Turn ( Fourth Street )

After the second betting, is the fourth community card dealt. It is “The Turn”.

The third bet, will be held, starting with the first player to the left of the dealer, still in his hand.

The River ( Fifth Street )

The fifth and final community card is River (river). Now the hand finished by the fourth and final round of betting, again beginning with the first player to the left of the dealer, still in his hand.

If more than one player in the hand after the betting remain, there is a showdown.

Advice for Texas Holdem players

Start playing only with good hands
Get off not betting with any two cards! With 10 players around the table, there is always someone with a better starting hand. If you’re in the game with the second best hand is to get your competitor in advance to the pot.

The importance of the position

In Texas Holdem, your position remains the same throughout the hand. A player who is behind you, also remains to River behind you. This is a big disadvantage for you. The rule to remember, play only very strong hands in early position. One when you are in a late position, you have the advantage investigate.

Interact with Buddies on

Members of – online poker and casino players, amateurs and professionals, – have fun, learn, interact and socialize with their wagering buddies. What is It is a privately-held corporation with the headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. It is an online, social network community providing news, networking, clubs, special events, blogs, chat, an image gallery, and much more.

The aim of is to build a strong community of players being able to tap into the powerful social networking. is a powerful online tool that connects people having the same passion of the game.

Russian Gaming Companies Turn to the West

The decision of the Russian Government to place casino gambling outside of main cities makes casino companies think of expansion and new business initiatives as it is not clear what will happen to their gaming business.

Thus, Ritzio, the largest gaming company in Eastern Europe, is raising money to start its expansion not only in Europe, but also in Latin America. The company needs $500 million to realize their intentions.

Being located out of Cyprus, Ritzio has 160 gaming clubs in Germany and a recently opened slot hall in Serbia. – the Newest Member of Ethoca’s Community, offering premium gaming entertainment, has become part of Ethoca’s global community of companies intent on reducing fraud and increasing revenues. Thanks to the sponsorship of Tottenham Hotspur, Premier League football club, has joined the list of the best e-gaming companies collaborating through the Ethoca Community.

The decision Mansion Group to become part of Ethoca’s community is explained by their desire to provide their members with the best possible protection.

The Ethoca Community is recognized by global leaders as the company offering effective fraud protection, allowing online businesses to increase profitability by distinguishing between reliable and unreliable transactions.

New CFO of Pearl River Resort

Lawrence Kovach is known to have become the new chief financial officer (CFO) of Pearl River Resort – the resort portfolio belonging to the Choctaw Resort Development Enterprise (CRDE), a business enterprise of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. Kovach is now in charge of the overall fifnacial operations of all the properties in the CRDE portfolio, including the Silver Star Hotel & Casino, Golden Moon Hotel & Casino, Geyser Falls Water Park and Dancing Rabbit Golf Club.

Kovach has 40 years of experience working for the financial and gaming industries. His career started at Price Waterhouse where with the time he became the national director of financial services. Later he worked as the chief operating officer at law firms in Dallas, Columbus and El Paso. During the past seven years he was the primary financial executive for the Confederated Tribes of the Grande Ronde Community and simultaneously Kovach served as an interim CFO for Spirit Mountain Casino as well as CFO for the Grand Ronde Food and Fuel Company, Spirit Mountain Management Consulting, Inc., and Spirit Mountain Development Corporation.

General Paul Harvey, president and chief executive officer for Pearl River Resort said that Kovach would play a great role in the development of Pearl River Resort.

Experience and Big Results for CryptoLogic’s Customers

Last year the Millionaire’s Club paid out more than $15,000,000.

The online slot machine is available to websites licensed by CryptoLogic, software developer. Thus, last spring, an InterCasino player got the largest online casino payout ever – $8,000,000. Only two weeks later a Littlewoods player won more than $4,000,000. A William Hill player bagged over $2,200,000 in December 2007. A player at Littlewoods received the latest payout which was $1,300,000.

Millionaire’s Club is just one of a series of other enormous progressive jackpots offered by CryptoLogic: Rags to Riches; the Frightmare series and Rapid Fire series all pay out huge jackpots.

“This latest jackpot win is another example of CryptoLogic’s ability to deliver big prizes, big experiences and big results for our customers,” – said Vice President and head of CryptoLogic’s Product Management and Business Development, Justin Thouin.

Schuyler Twaddle – a Winner at the Borgata

Schuyler Twaddle won $395,095 at the $500,000 Guaranteed Deep Stack Poker Tournament at the Borgata in Atlantic City. It is said to be the first winning of the big tournament in his career.

Twaddle had more chips left at the end than the three other competitors: Weiwen Lang (he was second), Alan Engel and Mark Reynolds. Other participants of the final table were John Racener, Larry Goldstein, Eric Siegel, Mihail Stoykove and Richard Marshall.

800 people had turned up to compete in the tournament. Roy Winston and some other famous players were also among them.

“For CryptoLogic, 888 is a Natural Fit”

A three-year licensing contract has been signed between CryptoLogic Ltd through its wholly owned subsidiary WagerLogic and 888 Holdings PLC. According to the agreement 888 wil select and integrate casino games from CryptoLogic.

Having become partners, CryptoLogic, a leading software developer, and 888, the world’s number one online casino and poker room, are believed to offer the world’s best online games and the ultimate player experience.

The partnership “reaffirms 888’s strategy of creating a game ecosystem, powered by an industry-leading integration infrastructure, which enables 888 to introduce a diversified offering to existing and new players…”