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Dusk Till Dawn to Open a Poker Club

Having inspected the premises, a magistrate has finally granted the Nottingham based poker club belonging to Dusk Till Dawn a license as a poker venue only. Dusk Till Dawn’s officials are absolutely delighted with the magistrate’s decision. There might have been a problem if they had applied for a casino license. But the demand for the type of the poker club Dusk Till Dawn is offering was key point.

The poker fans across the UK cannot but be pleased with the news. At the same time, the opening of the card room has attracted stiff opposition from London Clubs International, Gala and Stanley Leisure. In their opinion, there was not “sufficient interest to justify the opening”. Anyway, they had to listen to the magistrate rule in Dusk Till Dawn’s favor.

The opening of the card room is being planned for a mid-November.

Natalie Dormer’s Poker Passion is Revealed

Natalie Dormer, the rising British actress, claims she adores poker. Shooting the second series og BBC’s new drama series where she plays Anne Boleyn, Natalie is missing her poker friends terribly.

She said she had started playing poker in the 6th form. At that time there were five boys to every girl. She’s never been into playing strip poker. However, the poker fan has got her kit off on her first day onset in Venice where she played Victoria in Lasse Hallstrom’s Casanova.

Will the EU Accept the American Compensation

After the withdrawal from World Trade Organization (WTO) the Government of the USA has made its first compensation offer to the European Union (EU). At the same time, some European gambling groups press the EU to consider the American compensation for losses suffered after Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed to be inadequate.

The EU will be able to study the US compensatory offer until October 22. The offer is believed to include opening opportunities in the storage, warehouse services and technical testing sectors to make up for any economic damage caused by the US withdrawal from its trade obligations on online gambling in the Uruguay Round over a decade ago. The withdrawal took place after a lost by the Americans WTO dispute with the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda.

Emanuel Karlen will Compete Against Doyle Brunson in a Heads-up Match

Stockholm native Emanuel Karlen, ‘ManneKK’, was announced to have won the $25, 000 Summer Series Freeroll Grand Finale. The winner will play against Doyle Brunson known as ‘Godfather of Poker’ – the winner of ten World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets in a heads-up match for $25,000 at As part of the prize, Karlen will also appear on the cover of Online Poker Pro magazine and in feature stories for other major poker publications.

Both players, Emanuel Karlen and Doyle Brunson, are looking forward to a heads-up tournament.  If Karlen wins, the Swede will take the cash and receive the ultimate bragging rights.

Inhibitory Ability in Late Adulthood Can Lead to… Gaming Problems

University of Queensland psychologist, Bill von Hippel, in his study issued by Current Directions in Psychological Science reports that “decreased inhibitory ability in late adulthood can lead to unintended prejudice, social inappropriateness, depression, and gambling problems”. It is caused by significant atrophy within the frontal lobes, the area responsible for executive functioning, i.e. planning, controlling, and inhibiting thought and behavior.

Based on the results of his study Bill von Hippel suggests:

– the older adults seemed to know the social rules but failed to follow them, which is consistent with diminished frontal lobe functioning;

– people who struggle to control their rumination begin to lose that battle as they age, with the end result being the emergence of depression late in life;

– a possible avenue for intervention, by scheduling their important social activities or gambling excursions earlier in the day.

Asian Expansion of PacificNet

Having signed a revenue sharing agreement with a leading gaming operator, PactGames, a subsidiary of PacificNet, Inc., will be able to put their products such as virtual baccarat, fish prawn grab, card games, bingo, poker, live gaming, slots, land based kiosk networks, mobile gaming, and fixed odds games into several areas of the Cambodian market. According to the agreement, PactGames will be placed in several cities in Cambodia including, Bavet, PoiPet, Phnom Penh right now, and Laos, Vietnam, and Myanmar, next year.

The games and user accounts of the people who play the games are accompanied by a management system, so it is easy for operators to control them.

The Asian market is growing. There are lots of casino projects planned for Asia, and Cambodia in particular. The sooner PaccificNet gets into the huge Asian market, the sooner they’ll have the inside track on the business.

Casino Module for Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment has recently announced a deal with for its popular online casino gambling product CasinoModule. will have to apply for a gaming license in Malta with the goal of launching this product before the end of the year.

With the fact that Net Entertainment is licensed in Malta and its product supports 21 languages will help Betsafe continue their expansion in Europe.

Providing the best service and highly entertaining products, Betsafe is pleased that their strategy of providing customers with a safe gaming experience coincides entirely with that of Net Entertainment.

Casino Module is a gaming platform comprising a number of browser based games and an administration tool.  As the result, the offered system solution is adapted to each customer and “easily integrated with existing websites that Net Entertainment licenses… based on revenues the product generates”.

The Irish Poker Tournament Gets Bigger

Next year the Irish Open poker tournament is promised to be much bigger and better. For that purpose the event will move to the Citywest Hotel. Having 1,314 rooms, bars, restaurants, health and leisure facilities and two golf courses, the hotel can accommodate 1,000 players. Besides, being located only 20 km from Dublin airport, the tournament will attract more and more players.

The poker tournament will start on March 19 and it will run all week. The champion “will be crowned on the 24th Main event after playing a No Limit Hold’em Freezeout game for a 4,200 euro buy-in plus 300 euro entry fee”. The prize pool for the 2008 Main Event is guaranteed to be 3 million euros.

BlackJack Games in One Game Lobby

BlackJack games with the 3D graphics and avatars are now offered by the BackgammonMasters All-in-One Game Lobby.

The games offered are for five players playing simultaneously against the dealer. Play Money Mode and a Special View Mode “where players can sit in on real money games and observe before placing a bet” are offered for newbies. If you are looking for tips on how to play BlackJack 21 or want to know more about BlackJack, numerous articles are offered to you by BackgammonMasters.

Such games as Poker, Backgammon, Perudo and BlackJack are available in one download and one software, so players can log in at any time. Besides, real time chat, software offered in 10 languages and real money games played using one account cannot but be attractive for lots of BlackJack fans from all over the world.

Victor Chandler Launches a Tournament

The launch of the European Championship of Online Poker (ECOOP) has been recently announced by Victor Chandler, leading British bookmaking and gaming group. It is going to be a ten-event online poker tournament. The tournament is planned to take place in November.

The top players from all over the world will take place in the inaugural event where the guaranteed prize pool is said to be $2.5 million.

One of the events on offer is a $50,000 MVP free roll competition aimed at rewarding players for their skill, effort and determination. The winner will get the title of 2007 ECOOP Most Valuable Player. At the end of the ten-day tournament the top 50 players will get entry into the $50,000 free roll competition which is to take place on the 11th of December.

Other games of the tournament are Pot Limit Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo poker games, a variety of no limit and limit Texas Hold’em poker. All of them have their own prize pool.

You can enter any of the ten ECOOP events online at VC Poker. At the site belonging to VC Poker – – you can also find all the necessary information.