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Fundraising Event to Be at the Playboy Mansion

Another fundraising event is going to take place at the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills on the 8th of September. The sponsor of the event is said to be VIP players of the site will attend a dinner where a plate is worth $1000. Carry Stroup, Playboy Magazine’s “Babe of the Month” for September, will be the hostess of the event.

A lucky winner will win $10,000. His prize package will also include travel, accommodation and two tickets to the fundraising event.

To enter a random draw, players can make a $100 deposit between now and Saturday midnight. Only one entry per player is allowed. To get more information, go to the

The funds raised during the event must go to The Art of Elysium, a foundation helping the artists who help children battle serious medical conditions.

If to compare the event with the previous ones, this time it is expected to accept much more people.

For more information about current tournaments at, visit the site of the company.

The Best to Be Casino

Casino Red Ltd, operating, has been granted a license to open its first land-based casino and entertainment venue. The construction site will in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

The opening of the casino signifies creation of more than 120 working places, and that is Ј10 million worth of investment to the area in the process.

The reception area of the future casino will welcome guests and organize access to its any facilities.

The casino is sure to be very popular not only with the citizens of the town, but also with town visitors. The range of the games is wide: from blackjack to electronic machines.

An 85-seat restaurant and separate circle bar are expected to ad to the casino’s popularity.

Dov Haase, General Manager of the new casino claims that their casino will soon be recognized as one of the best in the country.

New Multiplayer to Unite People

The UK’s launch of the World Poker Tour Texas Hold’em in partnership with multi-media company 3 UK belongs to Hands-On-Mobile. The game is claimed to be accessible to European poker buffs.

The second game promises to be very popular with the players who get a chance to play real-time.

The monthly subscription fee is expected to be as high as £1.99. The World Poker Tour Texas Hold’em 2 multi player will soon be available. It is believed to unite people no matter where they live.

Virtual Horse racing Gains Popularity

In the opinion of Inspired Broadcast Network (IBN) – a UK-based company providing gaming, leisure and vending platforms across Europe, Australasia and the US, betting on virtual horse racing is getting more popular than betting on a real race. The opinion is based on the fact that now “20% of wagers are laid on virtual horse races rather than real ones in UK bookmakers”. The data is received from IBN’s UK share of 20,000 networked terminals and 60 million transactions a month.

More games on

Multiplayer Blackjack has been recently added to its set of games by Backgammon, Perudo and Poker are the games being already on the menu.

Now, daily cash prizes are offered daily to the player that plays the most hands of Blackjack each day until September 4th. networked game software is the only one of its kind that offers all the games in one download from one site. The games are available in different languages: “English, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, French, Japanese, Danish, Greek and German”.

The number of people visiting the site, is expected  to increase.

Bluff and NPL Enjoy Working Together

Last week the National Poker League’s UK Poker Open took place in London, from August 12 till August 18.. Its official magazines were Bluff Magazine and Bluff Europe. There were five events; a 2-day $2500 main event followed it.

During the tournament Bluff and Bluff Europe distributed magazines to players and spectators, offered subscription and supplied free shirts. To say more, new subscribers got a 10 % discount.

Both pros and amateurs took part in it. The festival attracted such pros as Tony G, Mel Judah, Dave Colclough and Bluff Europe contributor Jennifer Tilly. But Peter Gould, an amateur, became the winner of the 1st prize – £32,500.

Satellite tournaments have been wisely established and promoted. It’s been achieved thanks to the NPL’s partnership with international casinos. NPL’s 2007 circuit will lead to televised World Cups. The UK open is followed by the Asia Open in October and the 2nd annual “Vegas Open” in November.

Both NPL and Bluff are thrilled to work together.

NETeller Expects Growth

As it has been claimed by NETeller, the Isle of Man-based firm, the company expects growth. It is believed to happen despite its resolution with American authorities.

Having reached an agreement with American authorities, NETller is in process of returning funds to its former US customers. Approximately 75% of the money owed to American customers has been returned.

With gambling via the Internet and financial transactions being banned in the USA, NETeller has nothing to do, but to focus on other growing markets such as the European and Asia-Pacific regions.

Schoolchildren will be Taught Poker Strategies?

Harvard Law School professor Charles Nesson believes that poker can be used to teach basic life skills and strategic thinking that can be used for geopolitical analysis, risk assessment and money management. To implement his idea, professor will announce the formation of the Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society (GPSTS) on August 19.

According to professor Nesson’s opinion, poker strategies may be used as an educational tool not only in the universities, but also in secondary schools and community centers all over the world.

The first GPSTS intention place chapters will be based at Harvard.

Rick Tocchet will Serve Two Years Probation

Rick Tocchet, a former NHL player and assistant coach, will serve two years probation for running an illegal sports gambling ring. He could have served 5 years in jail, but those having pleaded guilty to third- or fourth-degree crimes are unlikely to serve any time for their crimes. And Tocchet was sorry for being involved in a sports betting venture that had been run for five years.

His “partners” in the venture were James Harney, a New Jersey state trooper, who was sentenced to five years in prison, and James Ulmer, to be sentenced on the 24th of August. Being charged, Rick Tocchet was placed on indefinite leave from his job, while, James Harney had to give up his badge.

The case became a big story in 2006. Some of the bettors are said to be connected to hockey.  But there is no evidence of betting on hockey. At the same time, the betting was heavy on other sports. Thus, 40 days before the charges the ring handled $1.7 million.

As the officials claim, bettors won’t be charged.

Sportsbook of Choice for Gambling Fans, industry famous bookmaker operating since 1996, makes betting safe for US bettors. It is one of the few gaming websites still accepting US customers. Moreover, it has become the primary choice for lots of gambling fans.

Intertops Sportsbook places lines for pre-season NFL games on Thursdays. A 20% reload deposit bonus is given (to a max of $250) on all deposit methods by the site from the 17th of August up to the 19th of August.

To see current regular season odds, go to Thus, odds currently favour the Giants or the New England Patriots (+4000). So, gambling fans can win it big.