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Ethoca Helps 888 to Combat Fraud

Fraud and other unwanted activities develop and grow in size and sophistication that is why gambling business needs protection. 888, one of the largest online casinos in the world, has chosen Ethoca Ltd. to avoid fraudulent transactions.

Tracking information between companies that process transactions by Internet, phone, fax or mail, giving access to information and sharing fraud experience are the methods used by Ethoca.

It must be noted that 888 already uses a fraud prevention system, but the new agreement is expected to reinforce the company’s positions as one of the most responsible online gaming operators.

Gambling Addicts Lose Everything… And not Only They…

As the result of gambling addiction and stealing $1.6 million from her former employer, a 55-year-old Donna Duffer was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Her employer, the Palm Beach County Convention and Visitors Bureau, was not the only one to suffer. Her co-workers had to pay back taxes as Duffer had stolen the withholdings from paychecks. He husband had to sell their home and move into a trailer.

Everything started after her 68-year-old husband George had had a heart attack. He had to hand the family finances over to Donna. She started gambling secretly spending lots of time gambling in online casinos. The family were unaware about family finances. The decision to join Gambler’s Anonymous came too late. It was followed by 9 months without gambling before her sentencing.

Royal Vegas: Spin3’s Microgaming-Powered Platform for a New Mobile Service

Mobile gambling potential is growing. And Royal Vegas, leading online casino, being aware of it has chosen Spin 3 to deliver its customers rich graphics, simplicity of use and big progressive jackpots.

You can download the Royal Vegas mobile application from a dedicated WAP site for free. Once your age is verified, you can start betting. Money can be deposited either by debit or credit card. New players are able to test out a few spins or hands of the game before playing for real money.

Sealand’s Online Casino Open

The world’s smallest state, the self-proclaimed “Principality of Sealand” has opened the first ever UK national online casino. The opening of the casino coincides with the upcoming anniversary of the “state”, on the 2nd of September, and to commemorate it the Principality of Sealand is offering “to match 100 percent of all first deposits or provide new players with a £100 (A$238)sign-up bonus”. All the players, when having placed a bet, gain Loyalty Points. Then they can be redeemed or cashed out. Winnings are tax-free, and they can be transferred in any currency to any account in the world.

To note: The Principality of Seland proclaims its own cinstitution, has its own flag, anthem, stamps, gold and silver coins. The casino is located forty six miles off the east coast of Great Britain.

More People Gamble

The survey conducted in the year to June 2007 has shown the increased number of people gambling. Thus, “8.6% of adults had taken part in at least one form of remote gambling during the previous month”, while the figure for the 2006 calendar year was 7.4%. The reason for such an increase is said to be the broadening accessibility of different gambling forms.

The national lottery, followed by online poker, is the most popular forms of remote gambling. The figure of those gambling with the help of computer, laptop or handheld advice has increased from 5.2% (last year’s survey) to 6.7% (the four quarters up to June).

Now, more and more adults use their mobile phones to gamble. According to the survey almost 3% of adults have been gambling at least once a month this year. The number of people gambling via interactive or digital TV is also increasing. The age of the so called remote gamblers is between the ages of 18 and 34, and they are more likely to be male.

It is evident that gambling is more accessible nowadays, what attracts new groups of people, especially women and young people.

Protection Against Compulsive Gambling

Online casinos are proved to be safer than land based casinos as there are more safeguards against compulsive gamblers. They say that in the nearest future safeguards may be implemented in a regulated environment in the USA.

Nobody will deny the fact that it is really hard to implement a gambler playing in a land based casino. Playing online, deposits are made through accounts what makes it much easier to track players who deposit irregular amounts of money.

At the moment such safeguards at to the discretion of the online casinos only, but introduced by Democrat Congressman Barney Frank Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act (IGREA) enforces checks like these.

In case the Act is approved, consumers will get a chance to be protected, and compulsive gambling will get rebuff.

Prohibition or Regulation?

Online gambling industry turned out to be in a very delicate situation due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). Lots of American players have been lost because of the Act. And it is unknown what other laws will be passed to close the tap on the industry.

Fortunately not all the countries think like the USA. Thus, British government thinks that prohibition won’t help. Regulation is the thing they hope for. Since online casinos can be accessed at home, more and more people prefer to play at home. Regarding this fact, the British provide careful analysis, regulation and licensing. In this case “both operators and players are protected and can thrive in this industry”.

Dealers Become Subtle Observers

Is a dealer a friend or an enemy? The answer to this question depends on the cards. Not every dealer is concerned about the inner state of a gambler. But they do care at the Isle of Capri Casino.

There, dealers are taught how to spot problem gamblers. Being spotted they are referred to the states helpline – 1-800-BETS-OFF.

The problem of gambling is very acute in Iowa, as the average problem gambler is between the ages of 30 and 59, educated, married and has children. That is why Jewel Cooper, a counselor with the Gambling Treatment Program at Allen Hospital is teaching those dealers how to spot problem gamblers.

The subtle signs are, e.g., a customer sitting at the same table or machine “when those employees return to work for their next shift”. Besides, a flat look or absence of emotions and no reaction to a big win, and some more, tell dealers a customer is having a problem.

Vice President and General Manager, Kim Hardy, says, “It is tough and it takes a very special person to do it and we leave it up to our hosts and a lot of times they already have a relationship with these people. Once they really see the value of our concern, it works out.”

The 1-800-BETS-OFF cards and brochures are scattered all over the casino. Thus, a gambler can seek for help any time.

More over, a gambler with the problem can ask to be taken off the casino’s mailing list, and be banned to enter the property. One more important step is to restrict oneself to write checks or to use credit cards.

It’s obvious that the Isle of Capri Casino does not want your life savings. Recreational spending is the thing wanted.

More Information about Ladbrokes in Income Access

To increase global awareness of Ladbrokes’ portfolio of gambling services, the company has joined Income Access, leading online gaming affiliate network that builds relationships between more than 12,000 affiliates and leading gaming clients.

Ladbrokes offers a variety of services such as online sportsbooks, casinos, poker rooms, online bingo and over 2600 betting shops. They cannot but be the key to the growing success of Income Access as well as Ladbrokes itself.

Affiliates can access in the Income Access Affiliate network already within the next few weeks.

Nature of “No Deposit” Bonuses

If you are a new player, you must have come across such words as “No Deposit” bonus. Not everyone understands them correctly. They often confuse people as well as their terms and conditions. So, it is advisable to find out more information about them.

The bonuses may entail free money, free game play or free game time. In every case don’t forget to check the terms and conditions.

With the offer to get free money, your activity will be restricted to a certain game wagering requirements.

You’ll lose nothing when accepting the offer of free game play bonuses. You’ll be given a number of spins or free game time to try out the games in free mode. But there is a limit on how much you can win (mind that not always and everywhere you’ll be able to keep what you win. Check terms and conditions.).

With free game time you are able to win as much money as you can in that time. As soon as the time is over, you can claim your winning.

The bonuses described are a nice way to find out more about casinos, their products and promotions. But in any case it is important to check terms and conditions of the attractive offer.