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Gambling Industry Makes a Step Forward or Backward?

The 2005 Gambling Act coming into force will make it possible for betting shops, casinos and gambling websites to advertise on TV. It is considered to be a major step forward for the gambling industry. Despite it, advertising will be strictly regulated. Ads must not “portray, condone or encourage gambling behavior that is socially irresponsible; suggest that gambling can solve financial problems; link gambling to seduction or sexual conquest; suggest that gambling is a ”rite of passage”; portray gambling in a context of toughness”. It must be mentioned that the National Lottery, football pools and bingo are the ones to be exempt from the ban.

Still there is no common feeling about whether TV advertising is good or bad for the gambling industry. For sure, it’s nice to be able to advertise, but it’s not the thing they’d like to be able to do. Some officials think that spending huge sums of money on TV advertising will be a waste of marketing money, and the costs may be really very high.