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The New Online Lotto Site in the UK Gambling Market

A new online lotto site powered by MyLotto24 group (the company was founded in 1999) is to be launched into the UK gambling market in the nearest future. However, there is no confirmed launch date for the site. Thanks to the 2005 Gambling Act in the UK, the gambling market is expanding.

This new site will offer lotto and other internet-based games to the readers of The Sunday Mirror and Daily Mirror.
In spite of the fact that MyLotto24 is a relatively small company in the online gambling industry, the group is know to be operating in four countries. They offer internet games to more than two million people. MyLotto24 caters to the niche market of smaller business looking for a small selection of internet-based games to offer to the company’s consumers.

The Sunday Mirror and Daily Mirror (both a part of The Mirror – a UK based media group) will definitely benefit from the online lotto site.

New Zealand Lotteries Sell Tickets Online

Players in New Zealand can enjoy lotto online. New Zealand Lotteries’ MyLotto website was developed over the past year, and it cost several million dollars, but its income is expected to increase steadily. The site revenue is predicted to be more than $7 million in its first year.

The online version of Lotto has proved to be u success. Thus, several days ago the site went online, and by 6 o’clock in the evening 1100 users had registered there. Now, New Zealand Lotteries keeping up with changing consumer patters make it possible for the infrequent Lotto buyers to purchase tickets online.

Will Wright Become Rich in Prison?

The chance of becoming rich with the help of the lottery ticket attracts not only customers, but also employees who see how much money can be earned instantly.

Thus, Heather Michelle Wright, 18, of Mulbury, was arrested and charged with stealing $600 worth of lottery tickets from her employer.

The lottery tickets were sold for $20. Wright took tickets and cashed the winning ones at various convenience stores around the town. The amount of money that Wright has managed to cash is not known.

“A Billion Ways to Spend a Billion Euros”

Sarah Jackson of Stafford is reported to the latest winner at, a numbers game that could yet make her a billionaire.

Having seen the company’s ad in the magazine, she bought a ticket a soon found out she had won €1000 in a preliminary draw. The great thing about her winning that she is still eligible for the game’s prizes of €10,000, €1,000,000 & €10,000,000 and she could even win the grand prize of €1 Billion. So, it is obvious that offers the biggest prize pool ever available anywhere.

Winning numbers are made up of the last digit of the closing value of pre-determined indices on the day of the prize draw. Every purchased ticket increases the prize pool. Each ticket has a unique number and there can be only one winning ticket for each prize.

Did You Buy a Lottery Ticket from a Cincinnati Liquor Store? Check it!

The Georgia State Lottery administrators are waiting for the lucky winner $196 million to step forward. He has not yet come to the fore, bit it is known that the ticket was bought from a Cincinnati liquor store.

The current situation may lead to the number of fraudulent claims, so everyone is looking forward to see a winner of $196 million.

The sum seems to be so big that it’s hard to imagine what you could with it. Share your ideas with us. And if you bought your ticket from a Cincinnati liquor store, you might be a winner…

What People Think of Becoming a $5 Million Winner?

What would you do if you won $5 million in the lottery? Take time before answering!

Guess what Canadians would do…

According to the survey conducted by Ipsos Reid in November the majority of people said that they would keep their jobs. 35% would quit their jobs (the most likely ones to quit their job are women at the age of 45 to 65 years old). 17% admitted that they would start their own business. 13% of the surveyed people would change their careers. 8% admitted they would go back to school, and only 3% would use a portion of their winning to start a charitable foundation.

The survey has shown “the notion of jackpot winners sailing off into the sunset never to be seen punching a time clock again is more myth than reality”.

Lottery Money and Public Schools

The North Carolina Education Lottery is known to have transferred $98 million to public schools. The sum is the largest in the history of the lottery. So far this year, $114 million more has been raised that the previous year.

Having increased sales, they have managed to raise this amount of money for education. One portion of money should help reduce class sizes, other portions will go to college scholarships.

Up until now, North Carolina public schools have got $628 million from the lottery.

Match 6 Numbers and Win

The Florida lottery is offering new lottery games. One of the newest, but most popular games is the one in which tickets cost $20, and the winners of the game are announced on the pre-chosen day.

Nevertheless, this week people will be standing in line to buy tickets for the Lotto game, an old one, in which jackpot has risen to $32 million. It is said to be the state’s second largest jackpot this year. In February the jackpot grew to $37 million and was won. This time, the $32 million jackpot is to be drawn on Wednesday.

Last time nobody managed to match all six winning numbers for the Lotto game. 116 people matched 5 of the numbers. They will get $4781 each. Provides Access to European Lotteries

The launch of a UK lottery site has been recently announced by Tipp24, German lottery company., the new site with a license secured from UK authorities, will provide access to a variety of European lotteries.

The launch of followed last week’s launch of, a sports betting subsidiary of, Germany.

The interest of the German company in the British market is the result of “uncertainties surrounding the nation’s legislative situation and the possibility that restrictive laws could come into effect early next year”.

Despite uncertainties in German legislation, Tipp24 managed to post record third quarter earnings – almost $4.4 million, yearly revenues p 17% to $41.7 million and earnings before interest and tax up 2.4% to $7.6 million.

The company plans to stabilize its market share in the online lottery market and expects billings and revenues to grow.

Lottery Jackpot Winner Bought a Ticket at a Gas Station

Powerball is the lottery played in 29 states of the USA, Washington and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 2-8-23-29-25 are the winning numbers that were drawn on Saturday. The powerball was 19.

The winner was confirmed. The lucky owner is said to have bought the ticket from a Speedway gas station in Richmond, Indiana. The prize has not been claimed yet. More than 2, 5 million tickets also won a prize.

The Powerball jackpot was reset on Saturday to $15 million.

The “Mega Millions” is another lottery. Its huge jackpot has not been won, and it has climbed up to $250 million. The next drawing will take place on the 28th of August.