Will Tennis Rid Itself of Shady Influences?

The Association of Tennis Professionals is fed up with the scandal from its sport after a series of online gambling debacles involving questionable matches. It was revealed that many players had heard or had information that players were often approached to throw matches. More than 45 matches have been identified as suspicious. Many of the players involved in suspect matches are international stars.

To solve the problem, first, the Association decided to form an agency investigating corruption, and second, strict new rules to curb match fixing will be enforced.

If players are involved in illegal gambling, the Association may ban them from three years to lifetime. Besides, fines exceeding $50,000 will be applied.

In case of a revealed attempt or invitation to fix matches, players will face harsh consequences.

Players, trainers, coaches, and all family members will be barred from any form of tennis wagering.

The association is increasing the number of security guards at tennis sites and in locker rooms. Access to players will be limited. Match information will be guarded until released to the public.

One thought on “Will Tennis Rid Itself of Shady Influences?

  1. Sarah

    Kinda funny…when I think tawdry, scandalous sports, one of the LAST sports that comes to mind is tennis. It’s like saying golf is the new rock n’ roll. But hey, betting schemes to throw the matches and tip the scales? Keeps it interesting!

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